Lazy Pet Plush Sheepskin Pads

Our Bull Terrier Bully has to remain in his cage when we are away from home. He is still considered a puppy, if we were to leave him out we would come home to chewed up furniture and huge tornado like messes.

His large cage however has an uncomfortable hard plastic bottom lining, and we knew that in order for him to fall asleep comfortably we were going to have to line it with padding and place a blanket on top of the pad.

Of course our one stop pet shopping needs always are available at our local Petco. This was where we came across a whole slew of pet cage padding for our Bully. They had small sizes, to large ones, for decent prices. We wanted an easy convenient padding to place in the cage, and remove it for easy cleaning if he had any accidents. (Which happens every now and then).

We decided to go with the “30X40” Lazy Pet Plush Sheepskin Pad. This way he had a place to lounge and room left over for his toys, food and water dish.
The bottom of the white pad was rubberized to keep it from slipping about the cage.

The price was very fair at only about $20.00.

We brought the padding home and placed it in his cage. It looked nice, warm, and thick enough as to where he could fall asleep on it comfortably.

However after returning home we were not shocked to find that Bully had peed on it. We removed the padding and placed it into washing machine. It cleaned it off like a pro, however we were a bit nervous about placing the mat into the dryer because of the rubber bottom. We assumed that the dryer would melt it, because we had a heavy duty heated machine, and we have melted things before this way. The padding though claimed it could be machine washed, but it didn’t mention machine drying anywhere.

We were left with no choice but to hang it outside to dry for a few days, which really sucked because we had only bought one. Even after looking it up online the padding didn’t mention whether or not it was safe to machine dry it. It again only mentioned washing. So we still are left in wonder.

After the padding finally air dried, which took a few days we were finally able to give it back to Bully. He seemed to like the padding, and would fall asleep on it in only a few moments of laying down on it, so we knew he enjoyed it, however the next day he went and marked it up again.

By now it was obvious that the rubberized bottom was just a pain in the rear when it came to washing it. We either had to buy 7 more of the things, or just buy an easy non-rubberized bottom padding.

This would have made an excellent pad for our dog, if the washing directions were clearer. We didn’t want to stick it into the dryer to destroy it, and we certainly didn’t want to wait 2 or 3 days for the thing to air dry.

We only use this padding now when none of Bully’s blankets are clean. The Lazy Pet Plush Sheepskin Pad is more of a hassle than it is worth. Too bad too, Bully likes it. Until Bully is trained to hold his pee and poos in, we can’t really use this padding in his cage. Once he is potty trained not to use it, the padding will be excellent for us…till then though…it’s a pain.

I would recommend this however, to potty trained dogs, that you know won’t use it as their toilet.

You can purchase one now at The price varies depending on the dogs size. Expect to spend anywhere from $13.00 to $30.00.

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