Leave Me Be

There was a sound, I swear I heard it, softly it did break the gloom, of all the silence that surrounds me, from somewhere in the other room.

I rose to see, investigate, to find the mysterious source. It wasn’t loud, more like a whisper, much like my lover’s voice.

“Impossible,” I breathed the words, for my lover, he was here no more.

Peering through the darkness, no benefit of light, I searched to find the voice I’d heard, from somewhere in the night.

“Leave me beâÂ?¦” the voice did whisper once again, but not from in the house. No, the voice I heard came from within.

“Where are you?” I did ask the voice, but silence did reply. “Will you not answer when I speak? Tell me, please. Oh, tell me why?”

“Leave me beâÂ?¦” the voice did say, and I just shook my head. Perhaps it’s only sleep I need, so I did retire to my bed.

But through the shallow, dreamless sleep, the voice it did remain. I could hear him calling out to me, again in sweet refrain.

“Leave me be, or come to meâÂ?¦” the voice of love did call. But when I opened up my eyes, there was darkness there, that’s all.

“Why do you taunt? What do you want? Why do you call to me? I plead you, sir, answer me. Where are you? I can’t see.”

While I waited patiently, hoping for a reply, once again the voice came back to me, echoing my question, “Why?”

“Who are you?” my question did plead, and there was silence once again.

When the tension rose to fear, I heard him answer, “I am your friend.”

“Friend or foe, it doesn’t matter, when you call to my very heart. Why are you taunting? Why do you tease me, and then leave me in the dark?”

“Leave me be, or come to meâÂ?¦” the voice said one more time.

“Where are you, voice? Why do you hide? Why do we speak in rhyme?”

But there were no answers for my heart, none I would want to hear. Inside of me a warmth did start, and drove away the fear.

I could feel the tears now on my face, as I stood to find the light. I looked all around me but saw no other. I was here alone tonight.

Upon the bed, I laid my head, and let myself just cry. I knew that I must be insane to be asking the darkness why.

Knowing my own mediocrity, I knew this much was true, he wasn’t calling out to me, for I was nothing pure. There was nothing special in me for him, this much he must surely understand.

He was no angel, perhaps a demon? I couldn’t really know, and that’s when his voice came once again, “Leave me be, or come to meâÂ?¦ or surely I must go.”

My head buried in my pillow, my eyes stinging with tears, I wouldn’t lift myself to look, for I was still alone, I feared. I pretended not to hear his voice, but he was insistent. I had no choice.

“I’m nothing special, nothing pure, and surely nothing true. What is it that you want from me? What can I give to you?”

I felt a sudden breeze that blew, across my tingling skin, and that was when I felt his presence, and he called out to me, “You are my friend.”

Instinctively, I then knew his name, but I couldn’t make a sound. I closed my eyes, and drifted now, his presence all around. “Leave me be, or come to meâÂ?¦” he said without a sound.

“You ask me to come to you, but surely you’re mistaken. I am not for you, but for my muse. My heart is clearly taken.”

“Leave me be, or come to meâÂ?¦” was all he had to say.

In the silence, the debate began, about where I was to go. My heart belonged to another man, but this one held my soul.

For years I struggled, for years I fought, to find this soul mate that I sought. There was one once, who left me here, drowning in immortal tears, and there was another I gave my heart to, but that one, he had been untrue.

Do I reach now for the hand that was reaching out for me? Or do I stay and live with the pain of the one who had set me free?

As I lay upon the bed, my soul exposed, it’s true, I knew there was only one thing, just one thing that I must do.

I closed my eyes, and I let go, and drifted far away, far to a place where dreams did live, and where my soul remained.

“Leave me be, or come to meâÂ?¦” the phantom voice did speak, and I, relieved to finally understand, found the voice that I did seek.

In the morning, they would find me, and think that I had died, but what they would never understand, is I began to live tonight.

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