Let’s Call it What it Is…Christmas

Merry Christmas one and all. Wait, you mean it’s not Christmas! Since when? It has always been Christmas. Suddenly, though, we aren’t allowed to say “Christmas”. Just where do they think our holidays started from anyway? Hello! It was Christmas!

Christmas is being removed everywhere. Town Christmas celebrations are now being called ‘Holiday Celebrations”. The words to Christmas songs are being changed to cut out any mention of the word Christmas or any references to Christmas. The poor Christmas tree is now a “Holiday” tree. We are now involved in holiday gift giving rather than the giving of Christmas gifts. Excuse me! The first “Holiday gifts” given were to Jesus Christ to celebrate his birth- that’s where we get Christmas. If it weren’t for Christmas there would be no season of giving.

Our schools aren’t allowed to teach about Christmas or even mention the word, yet they can teach about Kwanza, and Hanukkah. They are allowed to teach about different religions around the world – but for some reason it isn’t politically correct to teach about the Christian religion- where Christmas comes from. Why not? We are a world where we are expected to teach and respect racial diversity, life-style diversity, and even religious diversity (otherwise known as tolerance). Why is it then that when it comes to Christianity we aren’t supposed to mention it or anything to do with it, much less show respect for the people -like me- who are Christians? When will they start teaching Christian tolerance? Is tolerance even the correct word? It would imply something distasteful to be put up with. Foul language is tolerated, bad jokes are tolerated (just listen to Comedy Central sometime and you’ll see what I mean), horrible fashion habits are tolerated. Someone can dress and show off body parts that should have them arrested, or their undergarments and we tolerate it. Children talk back to their parents and it seems it is tolerated.

This country was founded by Christians with Christian beliefs. Just look at the government buildings created before the ‘get God out of our country’ people took over and you will see the evidence. It is engraved into the very buildings and yet someone has decided that our founding fathers were clueless. The Ten Commandments are taken away from anywhere they might be seen. Read our laws and read the Ten Commandments. The laws that were made at the start for our country are based on the Ten Commandments! Are the few who want God out of our country going to speak for the many and have all of our historic government buildings torn down and rebuilt so that they don’t have prayers engraved on them? Are they going to sandblast Moses holding the Ten Commandments tablets off the buildings? Get a grip!

When there is a tragedy at one of our schools and a student goes berserk and shoots up the place killing as many as they can on their own way out, or some child kills its parents on the way to school and thinks nothing of what they did, we always ask why did it happen? I know I am not the only one to notice that when it became illegal to pray in schools or even discuss God children’s behaviors began to change dramatically- for the worse. We can’t even say the Pledge of Allegiance to our own country any more because it mentions one nation under God. It was written that way, say it that way! If you are that big of an atheist, say the pledge and keep your mouth shut through that part about God then finish it out.

Children suddenly have the upper hand. Parents are no longer allowed to punish their children for fear of Family Services being called and told they are being abused. I don’t mean BEAT your children. God didn’t mean that either when he said in the Bible “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” He meant to get their attention and let them know that there are consequences for their bad actions. They don’t have the judgment to figure that out at youthful ages to know right from wrong and it is the parent’s job and obligation to teach them that. The prisons are getting more and more full because parents aren’t allowed to teach them, and (excuse me if you are offended) God forbid a teacher try to correct an unruly student. Just let little Johnny swear like an adult who doesn’t know better words and hit whomever he pleases. Let him beat his teacher if he feels the need to show his temper (because he was never taught that one is supposed to control their temper), or tear apart expensive equipment at the school or even at home-or belonging to someone else. Let him torture his classmates because it is survival of the fittest in this world and he who can scare the most people is the most powerful. Do you know what most religions, even Christianity, call that? Evil. As a Christian I must say that Satan is spreading the evil and he is spreading it heavily across the world. You don’t have to look to a foreign country, just look at ours. It won’t be long until the Christians, who are the majority, are so far in the minority that they are wiped out. God help us all.

In closing just let me say that Christmas is here because of the gift of the birth of Christ- the start of Christianity-not the birth of commerce. So tell everyone “Merry Christmas.” That is what season it is after all.

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