Life Would Be Difficult Without My Aspirin

Years ago, I was told by a pharmacist that aspirin is the true miracle drug. It is so versatile and multifunctional. As the years have progressed, I have noticed that my life would be difficult without aspirin. Nothing fancy, no big name manufacturers needed in my aspirin. I use plain and simple, nothing added, aspirin. I buy aspirin on a regular basis. I always have a bottle on hand. Some of the reasons for my love of aspirin are as follows:

My aspirin have recently gotten a good wrap from the media and health industry. Studies have shown that one aspirin a day is good for heart health. Whatever. I still like my aspirin. Only now I can also believe that I am helping my heart and circulatory system every time I take one.

My aspirin is welcomed with a huge smile and sigh of relief after some of my exercise regimes. My muscles will ache. My body will be aching in places I did not know I had muscles. Aspirin will help me with the pain. In fact, aspirin is an excellent pain killer for muscles. Plain and simple aspirin will do the trick.

On days when headaches exist in my skull, my good ole’ aspirin comes through. I can count on my aspirin taking care of my headache within a short time. This is but another reason I love my aspirin.

I do not need aspirin with fancy coating. Nor do I need aspirin with sodium. Fancy packaging does not impress me. Aspirin geared towards “headache only”, “muscles only”, etc. are a hoax to me. All of these ‘marketing emphasized features’ add to the cost and take away from the purity of my aspirin. I especially do not need big manufacturers telling me how great their aspirin is compared to other brands. Give me the plain and simple generic (or house brand) aspirin. The basic formula stays the same and lowers the cost. I do not need the hype. I just need my aspirin.

Aspirin is cost efficient. Aspirin gives alot of ‘bang’ for the buck. It can be used to help with many ailments.

My aspirin does wonders when my family members have a simple toothache. I can apply the aspirin directly onto the painful tooth and it provides immediate relief. This is just another way to use and love my aspirin.

When my eyes are fatigued from overuse, aspirin comes to my rescue. I take a couple aspirin, close my eyes for a bit, and �viola! The pain and discomfort is gone.

My aspirin are great for relieving fevers. Whenever my little boy gets a fever, I know I can simply give him an aspirin. Within minutes, his fever is broken. That is yet another reason I love my aspirin.

With all the versatility and multifunctional uses of aspirin I have experienced throughout the years, I believe that statement made by a pharmacist years ago. Aspirin is a true miracle drug.

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