How to Get Rid Of a Hangover Without Medicine

Late night partying is no doubt very much fun, but the hangover that follows is surely not. A hangover is usually a headache that leaves you dizzy and increases your multiplication skills –the stuff around you might clone into several copies. It is surely not the best way to start your day on weekend. Weekdays are worse with an angry boss breathing down your neck. So why let the hangover ruin your day. This article will help you to get an idea how to get rid of a hangover without medicine, guaranteeing better and happier mornings.


  • 1

    Take a bath

    Your hangover will be much less by taking a bath early in the next morning. However, make sure to spend extra few minutes in the tub. It helps in waking you up and raising your alertness properly.

  • 2

    Take plenty of fluids

    As soon as you wake-up after a drink party, make sure to hydrate yourself by taking plenty of water or fresh juices.

  • 3

    Take fruits

    Make sure to take some fresh fruits, as they are effective in getting rid of the hangover as soon as possible. You can take something light like a banana or an apple.

  • 4

    Breathing exercise

    Simple breathing exercise helps to jumpstart your body and gives you the required energy to get moving. Go to a peaceful room of your house, turn off the light, breathe in deeply through your nose, and breathe out through your mouth. Repeat this process few times until your feel better and light.

  • 5

    Apply Ice pack

    Take an ice pack or wrap some ice cubes on a piece of cloth and apply it to your forehead and temples. This magical ice pack will definitely make you feel that much better about yourself, ready to face whatever you have to do for the day with a clear and fresh mind.

  • 6

    Place cucumber slices on your forehead

    Fresh cucumber slices will also help to get rid of a hangover. Take a chill cucumber and cut it into equal slices. Now, lie down in one of your dark room, place 4 to 5 slices of cucumber in a line on your forehead, and relax for few minutes until your feel the difference.

  • 7

    Take Limejuice- sugar mixture

    Limejuice- sugar mixture is one among the best remedies for hangover. Grab a glass and add 8 ounces of simple water, 2 teaspoon of fresh limejuice and 1 teaspoon of sugar in it. Stir until the sugar dissolves properly and drink it gradually.

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