Life of a Lingerie Model

As a model doing print modeling, you will work with photographers filming commercials or trade publications, billboards, newspapers, slide shows or catalogs. Live fashion modeling would include showroom work, runway, floor shows, trade fairs and shows, The lingerie model may find work in those venues, but more likely she will work in television and films or in retail.

The highest-paid lingerie models are experienced. They locate at strategic hubs where the movers and shakers in the lingerie business are sited. They’re also well-known and popular with the public. You see them in magazines, in newspapers, catalogs – even on billboards. Modeling can be lucrative: these ladies may make $150 to $2,000 per day! Even children can make $150-1,000 per day. As a model becomes well known and recognized, she can earn even more.

Modeling lingerie for magazine bookings may earn $250 per day. If she can act, she will be paid according to union standards. One model who did a little TV feature acting made over $400 per day. A commercial may pay more than $350 per day.

Could you make that kind of money as a lingerie model? High-paying assignments like those mentioned above are thin on the ground and usually go to the most glamorous, sophisticated models, who match exacting requirements such as gargantuan height and the basic build of a chopstick; you must be young and fresh-looking with the face of an angel. To reach that height requires a serious commitment to your health, looks, and stamina. Models work long hours in all kinds of conditions, in rough terrain with sand, water, hot sun and boulders – where they’re often asked to recline! If you think it’s easy to pose for shot after shot while keeping your hair calm in brisk breezes and your skin glowing after nine hours of shooting, think again! A model’s life is filled with hard work, disappointment, and people who seem nice but may not be.

The lingerie model may be asked to shed her lingerie and pose nude – here the demand is high. “Artistic Nudity” involves work for artists drawing, painting or doing sculpture. The model may be asked to pose for hours in the same position.

Posing nude in a sexual manner is another story. The model will pose with legs open. She may or may not wear lingerie. This pays well and plenty of work is available: it is up to the model to decide if she wants to go this far.

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