Life with Animal Attributes

Can you imagine what it would be like to live our daily lives but with animal capabilities? Things would be entirely different for ourselves, our families, our employers and our world. Animals and people are uniquely individual creatures but combine their talents and you’d have one awesome force.

For mothers the extra benefits would be greatly useful. No more having to keep up with junior at the mall, simply tuck him in your pouch and go on your way. Or hold the child’s hand and use the pocket for carrying purchases. At home the pouch would come in real handy for carrying around the feather duster, window cleaner and paper towels.

Speaking of cleaning, imagine how fast you could get finished with housework if you had eight arms. You could plant yourself in the center of the kitchen and do dishes, wipe down the table, clean the counter tops, and cook all at the same time. Or you could play a board game with your son while you do crafts with your daughter – all at once.

Kids playing outside? Animals can hear far beyond the range of humans so keeping an ear out for any problems will be a breeze. Should a situation occur lightning-quick reflexes would catapult you there in a heartbeat. Kids often run, as a game, when they see Mom or Dad coming which can put them in dangerous situations quickly. With speeds of 50 to 70 mph you can save your child from danger at the last second.

Keeping the yard up wouldn’t be such a major chore with animal talents. If you were an elephant you could easily water the lawn and wash the car, yet entertain the kiddies. With attributes of a giraffe you could pick the apple tree clean and have enough fruit for several pies. As a goat you could take care of the lawn and have breakfast, lunch and supper all at the same time.

Maybe, if you were like an animal, you’d prefer to be single. You could do like a turtle does and simply carry your home around on your back. Moving from place to place would be so much easier and you wouldn’t have to ask your friends to help.

In a dangerous line of work? Wouldn’t it be great, then, to be like an alligator which has no known predators? You could just relax in your own kingdom and everyone would scramble in fear. If you’re a boss or manager it would fabulous if your employees treated you as some animals do in their world. The person with the most authority or seniority gets the most respect.

This wouldn’t work so well for seniors, though. As soon as the others began to see their frailty a major fight would transpire to decide a new boss. Talk about fighting your way to the top. And if you are male the fights to see who’s the best man would take place once a year at breeding season. To have a mate you’d have to fight – sometimes to the death.

It’s true that people simply don’t have the talents that were doled out to animals and that’s okay. If we did, though, our lives be so much different. Of course, there will always be the sloughs of the world who hang out on branches and do nothing or the snakes of the world always slithering where they shouldn’t, but for the most part, people would probably use their newly found talents for the good of mankind, rather than evil. Or would they?

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