NO, UN Global Taxation is NOT OK!

On Fox News Dayside today, they were discussing the push by the one-world-government globalists for global UN taxation. It seems France has already accepted it and will start charging airline passengers a new tax for the UN! From $5-50 on each airline ticket. One more reason to boycott France!

But even the Dayside hosts, guest speaker and audience apparently didn’t comprehend just why this is so very dangerous!

Oh they talked about how the UN has been so corrupt and everything, how they waste so much money with fraud, theft and corruption. As if, if only that could be solved, maybe UN global taxation wouldn’t be so bad. I couldn’t believe my ears!

They missed the whole point!

Read the novel “1984” people!

Run by socialists and dictators who hate the United States and want to bring us down, the UN is already the most dangerous organization in the world today. It works against the very survival of our individual human rights and liberty! They even have a global agenda of banning civilian ownership of firearms! So far that’s been held off by conservatives who tell them that it would infringe our already- swiss-cheesed Second Amendment.

We already have 21,000 gun laws that infringe it, I don’t see why our government would mind it being taken the rest of the way away. But the remaining conservatives and some neocons apparently still mind. When the Democrats get back in power, that will of course change again.

The UN are would-be tyrants, and they only need one thing to impose global tyranny. The power to impose taxation!

The power to tax is the power to enslave. All these tyrants need is to be able to tap into the pockets of every working person on this planet and their power will grow exponentially! They will quickly eclipse even our out-of-control-monster of a government, which has become that way through exactly the same process, because of the power of unrestricted taxation.

( We have people in our present government who think that anything that doesn’t yet have a government regulation covering it, is “anarchy”. )

While their audience was 100% opposed to the idea, they were saying on Dayside that it may only be a matter of time, because while this administration won’t hear of it, Bill Clinton sounded like he wasn’t so averse to the idea!

The Democrats! The globalist one-world-government-supporting Democrats ( synonymous with socialism ) will be the ones to bring us globalist UN taxation and a Big Brother style one-world government, as soon as they gain power again. This must never be allowed to happen or we will lose what’s left of our freedom!

No, the UN should never be allowed to tax globally! Never!

Melissa Rhiannon is a free lance libertarian Objectivist writer living somewhere in Colorado.

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