Lily Story

Quietly she glanced at the rear view mirror; there is the same dark blue four-door sedan. Behind the wheel was the same non-descript man driving and it was a few cars behind her, following her again. Lily had noticed the car following her about a week ago. At first she played it off as being coincidence, but now it was beginning to make her apprehensive. Lily sped up in the dark gray Range Rover she was driving and felt it purr as she passed several cars as they headed west on I-25 through Colorado Springs. Lily had been headed home, in Manitou Springs, where she had lived for the past four years, but now she was fueled by the desire to find out who her mysterious person was.

She took the exit and headed towards the Garden of the Gods National Park. The mountainous vistas and the large stone croppings provided the right measure of natural majesty and privacy Lily required for this encounter. After living in the area, Lily had spent many hours exploring the hiking and mountain biking trails through the park. Finally she entered the park and headed to on of her favorite, yet secluded viewing spots in the park. It would be just the right thing for what she had in mind. As she drove through the winding roads to the scenic stop she continued to watch the sedan keep her pace, now more noticeable as the traffic had thinned upon entering the park.

While still early summer, there were not many visitors to the park this particular Wednesday afternoon. Swiftly she made the last set of curves of the road and into the parking lot, just as quickly she exited the vehicle and headed just up the trail towards the viewing area. Lily was taking her desired observation point as the sedan pulled into view and the average looking man spotted her parked Range Rover and pulled into a parking space on the next aisle over. The first viewing of her prey, as she now thought of him, out of the vehicle made her sweat lightly in anticipation. He appeared to be of average size, in fact on the small side, around 5′ 7″ or 5′ 8″, normal build, dark brown hair and tanned skin. He was wearing the same, mirrored sunglasses, light blue polo style shirt and khaki slacks followed up with brown dress shoes.

This man could seem normal in as many places as possible, from office to mall to happy hour, blending in with the crowd seamlessly. Lily watched the man look around, then head toward the trail. Lily reflected on herself, she was 5’9″ with richly tanned skin, paired with chestnut brown hair pulled back into a simple plait that reached the middle of her back and her eyes were vibrant green. She had the build of an athlete, from both indoor and outdoor activities. Dressed today in a pale gray silk blouse, modest cut neckline and mid-length sleeves, matched with light weight linen slacks the color of aged obsidian. The belt was black and the belt buckle matched her earrings and necklace pendant, all worked with turquoise. The pendant is in the shape of a lemniscate, the infinity symbol, similar to a figure eight on its side. The mystery man did not waste time, after he scanned the area briefly for other visitors; he started up the trail and headed toward the rocky grouping that Lily had chosen for this encounter. Lily was not armed in a conventional sense was not with out protection. In addition to the black belt in Aikido and 9th rank in Tai Chi, she was also Talented.

Her Talent manifested at an early age and she was trained in the use of it by her parents, while both are successful in their fields, they are not openly public of their particular Talents. Lily’s prominent Talent is telekinesis, the ability to move objects with the power of the mind. In the twenty-four years she had been training and using this talent, Lily was very proficient and confident of her limits. She had chosen the Garden of the Gods because of the privacy, remoteness and availability of loose projectiles. She crouched beside a large boulder just off the path were there was a slight rise and a bend. The man came to the bottom of the rise and stopped as Lily stood up and stepped into view. “I will ask you to stay where you are and kindly tell me who you are,” demanded Lily in her firm soprano voice, which was laced with soft-spoken command in a silky manner. The man progressed no further up the path, but replied in a smooth baritone voice, “I am Erik von Eberly and I am a representative from an organization that you might be interested in, as we are interested in you, Lily Sinclair.” Thankful that her voice did not convey the concern she was beginning to feel, “Why am I of interest and what is this organization?” Lily relaxed into the active mental state she would need if was presented to protect herself. “You have certain abilities that the Institute of Metaphysical Studies or ‘The Institute’, as it is more commonly referred to in public use, however limited, is interested in.” Eric replied calmly. “What abilities are you talking about?”

Lily fired back, while confident in her skill, she had never been public in its use. With a smile Erik answered back, “Your telekinetic abilities, of course. I am also talented, but not a greatly as you are singly. I am an Empath and an Amplifier. I am able to search out others with Talent and if I link with a talented individual, the strength of the Talent is enhanced.” Erik continued with a question, “Would you like a demonstration?” Lily contemplated that this had been said with convection but not with force. She replied, “On one condition, if I feel uncomfortable or have an uneasy feeling, you will be injured.” After she delivered that statement, she focused on several hand sized stones from by the path and they began to spin in the lemniscate pattern or sideways figure eight pattern.

“That is a given in this encounter,” Erik stated and started to walk forward with his hands open and facing Lily, “with your permission, I will need to be in physical contact to demonstrate my Talent.” Lily nodded acceptance and Erik continued up the path until he was standing in front of her. He extended his hand to her and Lily clasped it. As she did, she felt a surge of power. Erik instructed, “Try to lift something that you normally would have difficulty doing so otherwise.” Lily glanced around and saw a small car sized boulder about ten feet away. While she focused her energy on it, she halfway expected to feel the immediate pull on her resources. She was surprised as the boulder lifted and spun counterclockwise as she had intended. She was not feeling the usual association of taxation that she normally felt while using this much power. “You see the ease in which you were able to use you Talent.” Erik said as Lily released the boulder back to the ground. Lily un-grasped Erik’s hand as she replied, “Mr. von Eberly, you now have my interest.” She also released the other stones that had been spinning during the demonstration. Decidedly she knew the need for a power display was no longer necessary. “Lets go down to the benches at the view area and continue our discussion,” said Lily as she started down the path in the direction of the parking lot. Erik followed by her side as he replied, “That would be a wonderful idea.”

He contemplated the further discussion. Later that night Lily sat zan-zen and contemplated her encounter. Erik true to his word did provide information that interested her. The Institute as she had began to think of it now, was created as a search project out of the Harvard Research Department around 1934 by two researchers. These researchers were Josiah Bloss, a then doctorate candidate in behavioral sciences and Sarah Mueller, a doctorate of psychology in the field of brain activity. The initial project involved the capacity of brain functioned used by individuals as they reacted to varied stressful conditions. The outcome of this is experiment earned Dr. Bloss his PhD and his public accreditation for his work in behavioral sciences, but the real discovery came from five of the test participants that were recorded to be using over 40 percent of their brain capacity. As the results from the test showed the large anomaly, the data was removed from the study for these five. Bloss and Mueller decided to run a concurrent experiment using these participants to test the limits of their abilities, but this experiment was kept secret, even from the test participants, as they each believed that he or she was involved in the main experiment.

Through a series of these secret tests an additional similarity was discovered, each participant showed signs of manipulating the environment by his or her thought or by receiving and or projecting thoughts. It was as if each had a different form of ESP, extra sensory perception. The five other that the commonality of the experiment results, shared almost nothing else. The group consisted of Anthony Delorenzo, Sheila Towsend, Dean Smithson, Tess Walters and Jonathan Henry Matherson III. Anthony DeLorenzo was a 19 year old, second generation Italian college student. His parents immigrated in 1920, his father a butcher and his mother a music teacher. Anthony was studying to be an engineer. His ability was in telekinesis. Sheila Townsend was 35 years old, housewife and mother of one. She was a volunteer for the university and the local hospital where she provided respite care for terminally ill patients. Her ability was as an empath.

Dean Smithson a 25 year old, a single auto mechanic from a poor family that had come to the city to work. He was very organized and clean man, both unusual for his profession. He was a pyrokenetic. Tess Walters a 20 year old, business student from California. She was a very driven young lady taking “life by the horns” as was her normal phrase. Tess had the ability of reading objects and thought transmission. Lastly, Jonathan Henry Matherson III a graduate student of 23 years of age and heir of an industry family fortune. The most quiet of the group, but he possessed the most charisma and charm. His upbringing had not given him the spoiled attitude or disposition as one could imagine, but the ease that he put others was uncanny and most did not realize that he was of great wealth. He had healing and reading people abilities. Dr. Mueller discussed and championed the idea with Dr. Mueller, of bringing these five together and to make them aware of the gifts that each had. She called these gifts Talents. Then she and Dr. Bloss invited the participants to a weekend testing activity, where they intended to make the introductions and then inform them of the Talents that they possessed. From that weekend on the met on a regular basis to share and test each other’s abilities. Aside from themselves the only others who knew of the project were the Mueller and Bloss.

Their activities grew from sharing to learning to function as a group. The process soon outgrew the limit research facilities that were available and it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep their activities a secret, so it was discussed by the group and decided that they should obtain a more secluded place to continue. Jonathan made an offer of using a close but secluded family estate that had been unused since the death of his aunt and the family had been reluctant to sell. He had cleared the use of the estate through his family and they were delighted in thinking that he might be settling down, it was given with no further questions asked. It was shortly after this move that study for Drs. Mueller and Bloss was complete at the University, and it was not long before the FBI contacted the group. The effort to remain secret had been effective from the majority of the population, the government through the Federal Bureau of Investigations had become aware of the project and sent agents to investigate. Through the investigation it was made clear that the FBI did not want to expose the group, but to use the group for governmental activities.

The compensation for the participation was both in monetary and protective anonymity. After deliberation the group decided to participate with the FBI and the Institute for Metaphysical Studies was formed. Through FBI assistance the group, now know as Hydra, in reference to the original five Talents, was helping in investigations that were outside the traditional realms of FBI work. In addition leads for people with potential Talent was funneled to the Institute as well. By the advent of World War II, Hydra started to investigate international events, in counterpoint to Hitler’s esoteric studies and activities in the occult. The Institute continued now under mostly private funding, but still received the same type of governmental protection and denial of involvement as “Area 51”, functioned much as it had in the early years. In so much as Erik was an employee of the Institute as a Research Coordinator and Recruiter. His offer was for her to travel to the Institute headquarters outside Boston and meet with the current administrator, Dr. Thomas Knightly, to see if she wanted to be a part of the Hydra organization. Erik had given her his card with a contact number and an open-ended invitation to call him for arrangements. Lily had returned home from the meeting slightly mentally challenged but more so physically keyed up. She opted to change into her work out close and went through a demanding work out, before she settled in and contemplated the information during her meditation. Lily made a decision to contact Erik, but after she talked with her parents.

Lily picked up the phone after she had dried herself off from the post workout shower. Having made her decision has solidified her resolve, but the desire to be clean won out before proceeding. Lily dialed her mother’s direct line, avoiding the public number and secretary that all but a select few knew how to avoid, as her mother was an international speaker and activist for human rights. Lily knew that Wisdom Sinclair had a busy schedule but always made time for her daughter. Wisdom was of Native American and Polynesian ancestry, providing her with long limbs, dark tresses and an exotic face. She had met and married Fred Sinclair while she was away at college in California. Her career had taken her to all parts of the globe and provided for Lily a very cosmopolitan upbringing, but one that was grounded in strong values and social justice. When Lily discovered that she had Talent it did not surprise her mother, who also had the same. She in conjunction with Fred trained Lily to use and be responsible with her abilities.

As it was claimed in movies, “with great power comes great responsibility” this summed up her childhood training. Fred, her father, was a skilled consultant for management companies, but was also skilled as an Empath and Sender as his Talents. He aided in making her Talent training as well rounded, as they were able to offer. The phone rang twice before it was answered. The smooth and clear soprano voice that answered, “Lily, how lovely to hear from you. I trust that you are well?” Lily replied to Wisdom, “I am doing well, but I have a few questions for you. What do you know of the Institute for Metaphysics and a Dr. Thomas Knightly?” Wisdom hesitated but a moment, “So Tom finally contacted you. Well your father and I knew it would not be very long before he did.” “With that tone, I know that there is more than meets the surface to this topic. What is it that I have been missing out on, Mom?” Lily interjected. Wisdom sighed, “Yes I know about the Institute and I know the decision for you not to be aware of it was up to both your father and I. You will find that you have a legacy with the Institute, but one that should be discussed best with Dr. Knightly. When do you meet with him?”

Admiring the way that her mother always cut to the chase Lily went on, “Well, I am not sure yet, I was just contacted today by a “Recruiter” and I have not made my plans. It sounds that I will be making a trip that direction shortly and will be close enough for a dinner, your treat I believe.” Laughter in her voice, Wisdom concluded, “That sounds wonderful, and you know how to get a hold of me. I will wait for your call. Love you Lil.” Lily responded with the usual, “Love you, too!” and disconnected the call. By now she was completely dry and ready to finish dressing. It appeared that she would be traveling and now had some arraignments to make for work. Before she went further though, she picked up Erik’s card and dialed his cell number. It was answered on the first ring. The now familiar voice answered, “The Institute, this is Erik.” Lily simply stated, “I am ready, when can we go?” Erik’s voice beamed, “Is a private jet ride a 7:00 am too early? I can pick you up at twenty till.” “It sounds like an adventure. I will be ready. Until then.” Lily hung up and then began to get prepared.

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