Lingerie: A Fashion Trend for the Holidays

I was just reading an interesting article entitled “Wearing Your Lingerie in Public” at a website called Spicy Relationships. What I learned was that wearing your lingerie in public is quickly becoming a hot fashion trend according to many experts that I have talked to. “Boy shorts sets, the lacey version of daisy dukes, can be worn around in lieu of regular shorts and tank top, but you’ll want to make sure you aren’t revealing too much. Boy shorts are definitely made to augment your “assets” and can be a great fashion statement.” This gives me a great incentive to continue spoiling my girlfriend. Also, it should give other guys an incentive to spoil their woman.

Underwear is like what you wear to the beach, except one little difference. For women, it has lace. For my girlfriend, walking around in public in lingerie is actually quite natural for her. She loves wearing it in public, and I actually love seeing her do it. She even wears thongs out in public. I personally find peek-a-boo panties sexy, though. Showing a thong is definitely an attention grabber. As my girlfriend constantly says to me and her friends, “I have a great body, and I want to show it off.” Well said.

Types of Lingerie for the Holidays

Christmas: Christmas is the season of giving, so go all out and have a lots of fun with it. Red, white, and green are your colors of choice for this holiday. Silk or velvet also works nicely for this holiday. Tinsel from the Christmas tree, or even some ornaments can be used as accessories. Not to mention the candy canes…yum! You can have her be your Mrs. Clause, or dress her up like a naughty little elf.

New Year’s:
Bright, clashing colors and designs work well. See what you can do with a party favor can lead to some fun times that will be talked about and remembered for sometime. If you are looking to get your girlfriend or wife aroused, then buy some champagne and chocolates from Godiva and bring in the New Year with a bang.

Lingerie Gift Ideas

If you are a guy and you are looking to have your girlfriend make heads turn at your next Christmas party, then has some great gift ideas. Try these on for size:

See-Through Sexy Sequin Chemise. An eye catching chemise lavishly embellished with dangling brilliant sequins, trimmed in velvet, adjustable straps makes a great statement for your next Christmas party. It comes with matching double strap velvet G-string! There are some styles that actually look exactly like and can be used as a cocktail dress. Try wearing this Chemise to your next Christmas party. It is guaranteed to make heads turn.

Mrs. Clause. If your Christmas party is a themed event, then this adorable little red dress, also by, is a perfect choice. It comes with a lace up front and fur trim and adjustable straps.

Women want to be spoiled. Women want to feel sexy. They like it when you buy them intimate apparel. It shows her that you really do think she is sexy. You are only limited by your imagination, and the only limits to your imagination in life are self-imposed.

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