10 Ideas to Purchase a Modest Prom Gown

For many girls today, the prom dresses available in the stores show too much skin. Religious convictions might prevent you from purchasing such a dress, or perhaps your parents or personal shyness makes these dresses off limits. Here are some ideas you can use to make you prom dress more modest, but still stunning.

1. Mix and match: Purchase a long full skirt instead of a prom dress. Instead of the typical halter-top combination, pair it with a long sleeved velvet, satin, or sequined top.

2. Add a sweater: Normally the top half of the dress is what makes it risqu�©. You can find a simple button down sweater to wear with it. Purchase a three quarter close fit sweater made of Angora or other soft material. Then replace the standard buttons with antique pearl or gemstone buttons instead. Add a few gems or embellishments to the neckline. Wear your sweater so that a little of the top underneath shows through, especially if it has a high neckline in the front.

3. Layer it: You can purchase sheer, shimmery, Lycra blouses to wear under your prom dress. You can even find these tops in turtleneck if you wish. These look especially good under backless and halter style dresses.

4. Minimize the slit. Many of today’s prom dresses show way too much leg. You can minimize the slit in the dress by sewing it up or adding something under it. If sewing the slit closed even just a foot more makes it uncomfortable to walk in, you can purchase a lace material to add in the opening. For a full shirt with a slit, you can make it even fuller and very original by adding another sheer skirt in crinoline of taffeta underneath.

5. Add to it. If you call in love with a particular strapless or spaghetti strapped dress, buy it and have sleeves added. If you know someone who can sew a blouse they will also be able to add create sleeves and chest covering for your dress.

6. Go Global: Instead of a typical prom dress, look at traditional Indian Saris (you may want to wear a longer shirt underneath, or a Classic Chinese styled dress with a high collar and fabric buttons, or a scaled down version of a Japanese Kimono.

7. Add a shrug: The shrug sweaters and jackets of yesteryear are back in style. They are perfect for covering sleeveless or backless dresses. You can find them in denim (for the cool chic in you), knit fabric, or you can have one made in the same fabric as your dress. You can add antique pins to attach it to your dress, or have it sewn to your dress if you wish.

8. Go back in time. Vintage dresses are always appreciated. You can wear Renaissance empire waist gown as Shakespeare’s Juliet would have worn. You can even rent this dress from a costume store, saving yourself tons of money. Medieval style wedding dresses make excellent prom dresses. A simple Victorian or colonial period dress (without the tight corsett or bustle) would also make a classy statement.

9. Accessorize a regular dress. Purchase a normal full-length, long sleeved tunic dress in lightweight velvet, or perhaps satin. Dress up the dress with broaches, gemstones, or sewn on pearls.

10. Be a princess. If you do not have time or skill to sew, or the imagination to pull together your own outfit, there are still dresses you can purchase from dress stores. Just ask the store attendant for a princess dress. You will find dresses with a full bodice (and fully covered back) with full-layered skirts that will leave everything to the imagination.

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