Spanx Hosiery

Gone are the days when hosiery and undergarments received responses of fear and moments of anguish. Cringeing at the thought of having to wear hosiery for some extra support? There’s no need to worry with the evolution of the undergarment, as Spanx has recently made its way into the ladies pantyhouse and control-top departments. Unless you’re a young woman under the age of 20 who never has had to battle the mirror to eliminate ‘bulge’, you are well aware of the benefits of a slim silhouette under all your favorite outfits.

Spanx is a fresh new brand and product line that offers a variety of styles, colors, and sizes for all-day comfort and control. No more hassles and worries about pantylines, tummy tucks, or stomach flattening contraptions with this lycra-enhanced nylon product! Whether you’re looking for leg shaping, tummy control, or overall ‘coverage,’ Spanx offers women a worthwhile and budget conscious option to look their best.

Ladies can finally leave their hosiery-inducing comas of yesterday, in the closet. Gone are the suffocating tights that might give you a sauna’s equivalent to weight reduction on a hot day in the city. Spanx offers a dynamic design that eliminates the need for sucking in that stomach while zipping up those tight capris. Ladies around the country may just breathe easy from the soft and skin-softening fabric, and can count on all-day support for those won’t-leave-my-body-even-if-I-ran-a-marathon-each-day cellulite and problem areas for the figure.

But why bother? What happened to women being ‘free’ without the need for extra supportive measures? Spanx is not a coverall; it is not designed to ‘trap’ your deserving and beautiful body in any way. Instead, it enhances the silhouette and ‘holds’ it together; project confidence, and stand up straight without being self-conscious. Women report feeling comfortable in their own skin when they don’t have to worry about visible pantylines and giveaway creases. Spanx can give you this extra boost, in more ways than one!

Spanx “All the Way” is the super-control, full-length piece that helps with tummy control plus the benefits of leg hosiery. Spanx Power Panties, perhaps the most popular of all lines, offer an all-cotton tight microfiber shaper that prevents pantylines, big time. Spanx Higher Power is a uniquely designed Capri-style garment, that also covers up to the rib cage. The no leg band bottom lets you wear capris, longer shorts, and skirts with ease, and flattens out the mid-section nice and comfortably. Spanx Hide & Sleek Strapless Camisole is a must under strapless summer dresses, halter tops that don’t do justice to your waist line, and other strapless styles year round. It smooths and evens out with the power of polyester and spandex combined. The most powerful of them all, the Spanx Hi-Rise Body Smoother, takes on the challenge of lifting up the thighs, rear, and hips, as well as controlling the tummy area. It does it successfully without digging in to your skin, or suffocating you in the process!

With the variety of designs and levels of control, Spanx is a truly remarkable product for all shapes and sizes. It is not designed to constrict, but instead offers a silhouette-shaping option for those days and times where you just need that extra inch, well, pinched. Without a call for plastic surgery or other measures to remove your slight body hang-ups, Spanx is a natural and comfortable product to achieve the results of your best silhouette; fat days be gone!

Spanx is currently available at all fine department stores including Nordstrom, Macy’s, and sources on eBay. Spanx designer Sara Blakely has now offered it to the featured line at Target, and will likely offer more variety and additional colors and sizes. The easiest way to purchase from Target is online. Spanx ‘Bod-a-Bing’ clothing is also a new addition, with a line of specially- designed t-shirts, pants, and skirts to enhance the best of every woman’s figure.

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