Little House on the Prairie Trivia Quiz

It lasted from 1974-1983, and is tied with the Waltons as the second longest running family television show in history (Seventh Heaven recently completed its tenth season, one season longer). Little House on the Prairie was a show we loved to watch. The children loved and honored their parents and loved each other. The parents loved each other, stayed together, disciplined their children with love, and even respected them. Some might say it was a show unlike many family shows made today and was, perhaps, a little better. How much do you know about this classic television show? Take this trivia quiz and find out.

1. What was the original name of the school teacher on the Little House on the Prarie?
a. Miss Beatle
b. Miss Smith
c. Miss Ida

2. What was the name of Laura’s horse?
a. Stud
b. Bunny
c. Polky

3. Who played Laura and Almonzo’s niece on Little House on the
a. Melissa Sue Anderson
b. Meg Ryan
c. Shannen Doherty

4. Besides Mary, who helped run the school for the blind?
a. Mary Sue
b. Hester Sue
c. Laura Sue

5. Who stole a razor?
a. James, an adopted son of the Ingalls
b. Albert
c. Frank

6. Who was the only Negro farmer on Little House on the Prarie?
a. Joe Fagan
b. Joe Kegan
c. Joe Kagan
d. Joe Hagan

7. What was the name of the Oleson’s adopted daughter, who reminded Mrs. Oleson
of her own beloved, and very mischievous, Nellie?
a. Mary
b. Sue
c. Her name was also Nellie.
d. Nancy

8. What was Mrs. Oleson’s first name on Little House on the Prarie?
a. Harriet
b. Kim
c. Sue
d. Cindy

9. Who played Almonzo Wilder, Laura’s husband?
a. Dean Smith
b. Dean Butler
c. Dean Jones
d. Dean Franks

10. What were the names of the Ingalls’ dogs?
a. Jack and Ralph
b. Frank and Bandit
c. Jack and Jones
d. Jack and Bandit

11. What contest did Charles want to beat Almonzo at?
a. Arm wrestling
b. Log sawing
c. Bowling
d. Archery

12. What did Mr. Edwards promise to teach Jenny, Almonzo’s niece?
a. How to whistle
b. How to spit
c. How to cook a cherry pie
d. How to cook a chocolate cake

13. Why could Laura’s friend not run?
a. She was blind.
b. She was crippled.
c. One leg was shorter than the other.
d. She had a heart condition.

14. Who did Willie marry on one episode of Little House on the Prarie, even though
Mrs. Oleson, his mom, did not want him to, because she taught the woman would
keep him from going to college? Willie, however, only wanted to run the family restaurant.
a. Rachel Smith
b. Rachel Brown
c. Sue Brown
d. Mary Beth Brown

15. Who were the two children whose parents died in a wagon accident and were
adopted by the Ingalls?
a. James and Cassandra
b. Al and Cassandra
c. James and Mary
d. James and Sue



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