Living Green: Why it is Important to Renovate Responsibly

Homeownership is such a major undertaking, not only due to the fact that it is not cheap to own a home, with mortgages and insurance to pay, but also the constant upkeep needed to maintain a home can be very daunting.

Home repairs can put a dent on one’s budget as well as have environmental consequences. For example, when you take off an old roof, it usually ends up in the landfill. The same goes with stucco, sidings, concretes, and other construction materials. The new materials that replaced the old ones would be destined the same way in years to come if we continue with this cycle, thereby contributing to the further decay of our environment.

It is very important that homeowners learn to renovate responsibly. One needs to look at the bigger picture and think about the welfare or our planet. For example, when doing renovations think about ways to recycle some of the materials that are destined to go to the dumps. There are constructions companies that homeowners can work with that are passionate in saving the environment. Both homeowners and construction workers should work together to be able to fulfill this desire.

One can reuse and restore materials instead of throwing them away. A roofer can replace broken clay and concrete tiles and other items with materials from construction boneyards to reduce the amount of new materials required. There is also a way to restore composition and flat roofs, keeping these materials out of our landfills. It also keeps money in homeowners’ pockets.

When re-painting a house, ask about innovative, energy-efficient coatings during the painting process. There are heat-reflective and waterproofing technologies to cool and protect roofs and walls. This can protect homes and provide energy savings with their ability to reflect heat.

Instead of demolishing cracked concrete patios, think of ways to fix the cracks by using sealers and using concrete stamping techniques to hide the cracks. If removing the concrete is the only option, make sure to re-use the broken down concretes in your garden. Create a flagstone look using pieces of these broken concretes, or create pathways and put gravel in between them. Offer some to your neighbors if you have more than what is needed. This way you can avoid putting too much into our landfills.

When replacing a wooden fence, rent a wood chipper and use the chipped woods as mulch for your garden. Again, you can offer to your neighbors if you have so much woods. You can ask around before you put them in the wood chipper if they have any use for the woods, some may want to build a tree-house or dog house with them. Better yet, if your wooden fence is still in good condition, instead of replacing them why not just paint or refinish?

When doing a kitchen remodel, donate your old kitchen cabinets to a salvage yard. They can re-sell them to home flippers who will then refinish and make them look new again. When you are replacing your broken down window or if you want to create your own green house, you can go to salvage yards to buy old glass windows and doors that you can re-use. The idea of recycling and re-using old things can be very beneficial to the planet and easier on your pocket as well.

It is also important to think about products that are environmentally friendly when doing your renovations. You may want to consider buying recycled products that are eco-friendly. When an opportunity arises during your next renovation, think about using solar panels to provide energy to your home. Some states and counties also offer some cash back allowance when you try to build with energy efficient materials. Check with your local offices to find out more.

Renovating responsibly should be each homeowner’s goal. Avoiding construction waste and choosing eco-friendly products will not only give a home the green advantage but helps our planet to live longer for future generations to enjoy.

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