Logan Airport, Boston, MA: Tips and Tricks on Transportation to and From

Unless you have rented a car for your stay to the Boston area, you will likely be traveling on foot and with the use of the MBTA, Boston’s main line of public transportation. There are key factors you should prepare yourself with before using the T system but very importantly, you should be aware way ahead of time as to how you are going to get to and from the Boston Logan Airport, which is usually nicknamed, Logan Airport, Boston, MA. You basically have a few choices of how to get to Logan Airport, Boston, MA. Below is a brief description with tips and tricks regarding how to get to and from the Logan Airport, Boston MA, when visiting or moving to Boston.

One way to get to Logan Airport, Boston, MA is by taking the blue line MBTA, or T subway line from Government Center or wherever you may be on the line, to the airport stop. The Logan airport, Boston, MA Subway (or T) stop, is conveniently titled “airport”. The Logan airport, Boston, MA stop is not so indicative of its title, for the airport is not immediately alongside the station. It is essential to keep this in mind when taking the T versus a cab to catch a flight, because it does take some time to actually make it to the Logan airport, Boston, MA. It looks complicated when you get off of the train but it is really quite simple; all you need to know is what airline you are taking. Walk up the stairs to exit the blue line airport stop and outside you’ll see two large signs directly outside the doors. All you need to do is find the sign your airline is listed on and hop on the bus (which comes very frequently) that corresponds to the number (or possibly letter) indicated on the sign. There are about two shuttle busses that divide up the several terminals also, at Logan Airport, Boston, MA. Keep in mind when judging your timing that you might be stuck waiting for the bus to stop and unload passengers (with heavy bags=slow) at terminals A and B before you can finally jump off at Terminal C and charge through the Logan airport, Boston, MA to your gate frantically hoping you’ll just make it despite your time delay due to unpredictable public transportation. If you didn’t get the hint, it’s much easier to splurge for a cab to go to the Logan Airport, Boston, MA. It will definitely cost you and you might have to account for the 5.50 tunnel charge but trust me, getting to a flight in time is way worth avoiding getting stuck in one of the many desolate terminals with nothing but overpriced coffee and plane schedules that are separated into four hour intervals because your plane jetted without you.

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