Lollapalooza Band Biography: The Dresden Dolls

The Dresden Dolls are a two-piece band from Boston, Massachusetts. The band formed in 2000 with Amanda Palmer as the singer and pianist, and Brian Viglione as the drummer and additional vocalist (as well as the occasional guitarist on some songs). Both Palmer and Viglione describe their music “Brechtian punk cabaret”. Many people credit them with starting an underground “darkwave-cabaret” movement which didn’t gain popularity in the United States until 2005.

Brian Viglione and Amanda Palmer met while Amanda was performing a live solo show at a local Halloween party. Shortly after meeting they began collaborating, writing, and performing shows together unlike any other. During their performances they dress in heavy, mime-like make-up and clothing that can be described as a goth, cabaret, and mime combination. There shows also involve other performers such as artists and small theatrical troupes from the local area.

Both Palmer and Viglione agree that having artist perform at their shows adds to their music and the atmosphere of their songs. They also stress the importance of having their fans and listeners interpret their music in their own way. They say their music, like art, has different meanings for everyone.

Palmer and Viglione explain that their band name comes from a combination of things including the firebombing of Dresden, Germany and porcelain dolls. They believe their band name “The Dresden Dolls” reveals innocence and destruction, which is a main focus of their music. At any moment the vocals being sung in their music can go from a soft whisper to an angered scream. There songs, like their band name, is complex and has hidden meanings that they want their listeners to discover.

Due to the widespread “darkwave-cabaret” movement recently, many other acts have surfaced all over the United States and other countries as well. In mid-August a musical is to be launched featuring 13 songs from the Dresden Dolls.

This year (2006) The Dresden Dolls are performing at Lollapalooza and are expected to be one of the crowd favorites, not only for their music but for the amazing stage shows they’re known to put on. In case you can’t want until Lollapalooza, find out when The Dresden Dolls will be visiting a city near you, or you can purchase their albums at any major music retailer. It is highly likely that the band will continue recording and performing for years to come.

The Dresden Dolls Discography:
“A is For Accident”-2003
“The Dresden Dolls”-2004
“Yes, Virginia”-2005

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