Lone Wolf – Nothing Remains the Same

The journey has led me through the deserts of my soul
Burned out lands – desolate, dark and quiet
Blackened mirror reflections of the internal me

Into the mountains now, my steps have taken me
Back to where this journey had started
Surely this cannot be the end of my seeking?

A journey so short, aimless and yet powerfully painful
I couldn’t find my end back at my beginning
So confusing these steps have become

Only I’ve stepped into a world of nothingness
The pack is long gone, into deeper woods they’ve gone
Seeking shelter and better hunting for survival

What I had hoped would somewhat remain intact
Has been dismantled into nothing I can recall it being
My journey has led me to this point of emptiness

While the coolness of the snows embrace my thirsty soul
And the branches of the forest whisper secrets to me in the night
This has no longer become home for this Lone Wolf

The world has changed around me – yet again
And where I should be centered and comfortable
Has become the epicenter that shakes my foundations

Into the mountains my footsteps now take me
Deeper into the colder parts of Winter
Not seeking my Pack, but still seeking the answers of who I am

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