Lost in Rain and Thought

I’m here in my room
My minds gears going,
Lost in rain and thought

I’m thinking about mad shit,
About the girl I’m in love with,
But at the same time,
Thinking about my mistakes,
My heartaches and at the same time,
MY heart aches for those
Who made my mistakes
And are made to live my life
As I am made to live their’s.

And I’m here in my room
And it’s raining
And I’m staring out my tiny window,
And into the rain
And in the rain
I see many things.

I see a woman…
Supple lips,
Shapley body
Fluid curves
With a dark dress
that slides perfectly
Against her smooth
Legs as she walks
Towards me with
A twinkle in her eyes

I see jewels
Tiny diamonds
Falling . . . falling
Worth more than anything
I’ve ever seen before…
No Cubic zirconia I say
No way!
Those are the natural stones
That come not from
Evaporation, presipitation, condensation,
But from the presentation
Of love between Our Mother Earth
And our Father God

I see stars
Polaris, the North Star, losing altitude
Comets, meteors
Dropping like cats and dogs
And I know you heard that last one before
It had to come out some time.
In the rain, I see
Demons, dragons,
Unicorns, ogres,
Mythical creatures,
And many, many, a beautiful thing.

I see many things
In the rain
As I sit here
In my room thinking
My mind’s gears going
Lost in rain and thought…

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