Low Cost Storage Space Solutions

Everyone is cramped for space these days. Your closest are full, dresser drawers are full and your clothes are being piled up in corners. However, you cannot afford to have a costly renovation or addition done to your home. Not only that you do not know how long a renovation or addition will take or be completed. Also you do not even know if you will gain the extra space that you need. Solutions are available other than just having to add on to your house.

The first solution that I found for gaining extra space in your home is going thru your closest and seeing if you can still fit in the clothes. If you are not able to fit in the clothes or they are wore out then what is the point of holding onto them? I am sure everyone will say, well I will patch it up eventually or I will lose weight and fit in that pair of pants again. You have to ask though how often do you get around to fitting into those pants or fixing up your clothes. Remember during the holiday season that plenty of charity groups are hurting for clothing and will be happy to take them.

The next option that you have is if your problem is not clothing look into local recycling programs. I know that my husband had a close to five hundred books that he had already read. Now he decided that he did not want to keep them because we were very limited on space. He took them to a second hand book store that gave him money for them! So not only did he help free up some space in the house he managed to get some extra cash while doing it.

Some people though will not want to get rid of the extra clothes or older books. For those people I would have to recommend the Space Saver Bags. These bags while not working that great for the books will excel in helping you contain your clothes. These Space Saver Bags will shrink down the amount of clothing. The method by how they work is by getting rid of all the air in your clothing layers. This in turn will shrink down the clothing stacks. They even work for hanging clothes if you utilize the hanging space saver bags.

For books the only method that I found that works for trying to gain some space is by using the plastic bins. These do not really help save space that much, but if your bookshelves are full and you need the space they work great because you can place them in your garage loft then. I have used them before and I have to duct tape the bins closed to assure that the bugs do not get into them.

So if you are hurting for space and do not have the money for an addition or renovation try the steps presented here. You can try getting rid of your excess clothing; sell your books at a second hand shop, the space saver bags, and utilizing plastic bins to gain extra space. So do not fret about the expense of gaining space in your home, other less costly solutions are available

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