Magnanimously Yours.

Totally outraged!
Yes, that sums it about right
There are no words really to explain
What happened last night
Your indifference, your apathy
Your malicious contempt
The lies that hung over your head
Dripped multifarious intent
Simply amazing that such little regard
For others you possess
No wonder your self-proclamation as a curmudgeon
Is as mild as one such as you can label yourself I guess
I can think of many others, more adept at describing
A person so artful in the vocation of deceiving and lying
A person so immediate in self-gratification
That humiliating others brings your ultimate elation
So devious, conniving yet creative in design
At befriending only for the purpose of contemptuous vying
As a child’s curiosity sometimes out of control spins
Your game is to perform a cadre of human social experiments
Playing with others lives, with no remorse for the outcome
Tossing them aside when you’ve had your sordid kind of fun
Such gall, such disrespect, such psychological pathology
Only way to explain loathing you now have illustrated to me
One man with a calculating plan
One man on a nefarious mission
The hate that grows in you must never lay in remission
Like the cancer it is, it consumes you from inside out
Only distinguishable trace, in that deviant twist I sometimes see in your mouth
I once called you a misogynist, and I later apologized and recanted that
But it’s evident now that you not only hate all women, you hate every sex!
You despise life itself really, love or happiness in any form
As long as anyone’s got joy, you have only scorn
Sometimes I regret I ever met you
To have become another victim in your plot
To have cared for you
Possibly even loved you but I’m no longer distraught
You’re now revealed to the world dearest
Because I’m pulling back the veneer
The dark curtain that was hiding the little man you really are
Is down, showing your vulnerability quite clear
To God be the Glory, my lesson’s been learned
Yes, I had to touch the hot stove, yes, I got my fingers burned
But one things for sure, I’ll not touch it again
I’m not gonna return to place where I know I’m not welcomed in
I’ll be praying for you though, for I know there are demonic principals at play
You can’t help it I guess, not knowing Jesus as Lord, makes a person that way
Left you vulnerable to ‘ole slew foot to set up shop in your heart
Consorting with devil gave you that dark, black cold and bitter heart
But I don’t believe you’re a reprobate, God’s love can reach you yet
My love wasn’t enough to change you, but His is I bet
Open up to Him now; fall down on your knees
Pray His forgiveness for the sin sick life that you lead
Pray that He binds up the devil, and casts him back to the pits of Hell
He’s reaching out for your soul, of this I know well
You have only to believe, to accept Him as your Lord and Savior
Stand fast against the devil and make Jesus your favor
Allow Jesus to come in your heart
Study His word to the renewing of your mind
Let your changed life be a witness, wear a label of a totally different kind
One that says “I am a heir to the His Kingdom”
“I am What God say I am”
“I am the head not the tail”
“I am a FORGIVEN man”
I pray for your redemption, and count it all done
Because “No weapon formed against me (or you) shall prosper”
The victory’s already been won!


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