Magnetic Therapy – Can it Help You?

Magnetic therapy is the procedure of using magnets to assist the body to heal itself or ease pain. This kind of therapy has been used as far backwards as the old Egyptians and has proven efficient in many cases.

Nobody truly understands how magnets help the body, but there are two distinct theories. The first theory is that magnets produce a small electrical current, which causes the nerves to be stimulated. When your nerves are stimulated, it makes your body release natural painkillers, which helps you to feel better. The second theory is that when the magnet is placed by a certain area of your body, it causes the cells in that region to respond to it. When the cells respond, this makes your body increase its blood circulation, and also its oxygen flow. Increased oxygen in your body’s blood stream and tissues makes the healing process quicker.

Magnetic therapy has helped lots of people in many different ways, such as pain alleviation, swelling reduction, stress alleviation, increased blood circulation, and increased oxygen in the tissues and cells. It can also help you to get a good night’s rest!

Usually the best way to try out magnetic therapy is to buy a magnetic device. There are different types available, such as necklaces, bracelets, wrists braces, knee braces, back braces, shoe inserts, gloves, mattress pads, and many much. I’m certain you’ve seen them advertised someplace. When you select one, just make certain you purchase one that is particular for the region in your body that needs it. You should also be sure to purchase a cheap one at first so that you can decide if this type of therapy works for you. Magnetic therapy usually works or it doesn’t, so don’t go buying an expensive item without trying it out.

As more investigation is done on magnetic therapy, it is progressively becoming more widely accepted as a form of pain relief. It has been studied hundreds of times! In 1997, a research study was done on fifty people who all had polio in their younger years. These patients all had muscle and joint pain problems that routine treatments weren’t helping with. Out of the fifty people, twenty nine of them wore a magnet taped to a painful place on their body. The other twenty one patients also wore a device but theirs wasn’t a real magnet. They were not told whether they had the genuine magnet or the fake magnet. When the research was over, 75 percent of the people wearing the real magnet felt less pain than previously. There have been lots of studies similar to this one with the same results. All these studies prove that magnets really do work!

If you have pain in a region of your body, you should truly consider trying magnetic therapy. It has helped numerous people get the pain alleviation they needed! More and much studies are regularly being done in this area, which will cause better and better magnetic devices to be created. It may be just what your body needs!

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