Make This Butterfly Bottle Puppet Craft Project for Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22nd, and it’s an important holiday since it celebrates the planet we call home. It is a day to honor our planet with Earth Day activities including recycling and reusing ordinary items. Many of the items that are thrown away on a regular basis could have been recycled or reused, and some can even be turned into beautiful crafts and fun toys. Consider making the following whimsical butterfly bottle puppet in honor of Earth Day, and help do your part to stop items that can be recycled or reused from ending up in landfills.

Precautionary Statement

This Earth Day craft project for kids requires the use of sharp pointed scissors and a hot glue gun. Younger kids can work on this butterfly puppet project, but help with cutting and gluing is required. Do all of the cutting in advance to eliminate the need for adult assistance and to save time if necessary. The rest of this Earth Day craft project involves decorating the wings and the body of the butterfly puppet. It’s a fun and easy Earth Day craft project for kids of all ages!

Necessary Supplies

To make a plastic bottle puppet in celebration of Earth Day you’ll need a large empty bottle that’s clean and dry. A plastic bottle with indentations is ideal for this project. Consider using an empty vegetable oil bottle or a similar bottle that’s somewhat flexible and detailed. You’ll also need a smaller plastic bottle. A 16-ounce soft drink bottle is ideal for this Earth Day craft project. In addition you’ll need a pair of pointed scissors, a pipe cleaner in any color you choose, markers (not the washable kind), a hot glue gun, and two peel and stick craft eyes.


Begin this fun and easy Earth Day craft project for kids by cutting the bottom off of the large plastic bottle. Next, cut a slit partially up the back so a hand can be inserted, and cut a flap in the area of the mouth so the butterfly can be used as a puppet.

While the kids are coloring and decorating the body of the butterfly puppet, make the wings using the plastic from the second bottle. Make a hole in the bottom of the bottle, and cut vertically up the side and around the neck to create a pair of butterfly wings. They’ll be curved at first, but they can be bent and manipulated before attaching them to the body. Once the butterfly wings are created, have the kids color them as well before gluing them to the body of the butterfly puppet with a hot glue gun.

Lastly, attach the peel and stick eyes to the face of the butterfly puppet, and twist a pair of pipe cleaner feelers around the neck of the bottle. Allow the kids to finish decorating this whimsical Earth Day butterfly puppet in any way they wish. They can glue on faux gems or glitter if desired. The cap can be used to make a cute little hat, or a patch of fake fur can be glued on to make this fun and whimsical Earth Day butterfly puppet even funnier and more original than ever!

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