The Ultimate Guide to Easy Spring Cleaning: Your Kitchen

First step is to throw out any old unused foods that are lying around in your pantry. Wipe out the cabinets and put all the food back in an organized fashion. Pay attention to the paper lining in your cabinets and drawers so that you can replace any old or worn paper. Make sure you get into the inside back corners of the cabinets since this is where most spiders like to hide their webs. Now that you have finished the most time consuming task first you will have the confidence to take on the rest of your kitchen.

Second step is to clean off those cabinet doors and hardware, just take a soft wet cloth and disinfected spray to remove any easy stains. Wipe around the frame until clean. Check over your work by turning on all the lights in your kitchen. If you check it from every angle, you will find some spots you have missed. For those extra hard stains, try using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with a scrubbing side. As for the hardware, you can take off all the knobs and drawer pulls with a screwdriver. Now you will want to put all of these knobs and pulls into a plugged sink. Next, you will draw them a nice soapy bath and let them sit for about thirty minutes. You should not ever try cleaning your knobs if they are on your cabinets since the polish could ruin the wood. After they have soaked, you will scrub them with a soft brush to remove any dirt and rinse. Take a soft towel and dry the knobs completely, then when you are sure they are dry apply the proper polish.

The third step is to clean out the fridge and freezer. Unplug the fridge and remove all the food, drawers, shelves, and bins. Next take a bucket filled with your favorite cleaning solution (bleach with water works too) and a few clean cloths and wash everything. Keep changing your water and dry with a clean towel when finished. Make sure to wipe off the plastic seals around each of the doors. Vacuum all the dust from the fridges condenser and wash out the drain pan. Once you have put the fridge back together, you will need to wipe off all of the food jars and bottles. Return all food items to the fridge and plug it back into the outlet.

The fourth step is to cleaning out the oven, if you do not have a self-cleaning feature on your oven, you will still need to clean it out! First, you will want to place some newspaper on the floor, this will help protect the floor from the cleaner. You will need to purchase a commercial cleaner that is right for your oven check with your owner’s manual. Take out all removable parts and soak them in hot soapy water. Scrub, rinse, and repeat until satisfied and set all of the parts aside to dry. Next, you will need to make sure you protect your hands, skin and open a window so that the fumes from the oven cleaner do not over take you. Now spread the cleaner inside and then shut the oven door. It should take a few hours to work before you can wipe it off. When its time to wipe it out just use an old towel that can be thrown away when you have finished rinsing out the cleaner from the oven.

Finally, you will need to clean out your dishwasher. The biggest mistake is assuming that your dishwasher is self-cleaning; there are parts that need a good cleaning. First, you will want to pull out the bottom rack of the dishwasher, take it all the way out. Clean the wheels out and wipe off the place where they connect to the rack. Next, you will want to clean out the drain by removing any pieces of food or other foreign objects. Wipe out the bottom of the machine. Now if you are feeling brave you can try to remove the blades, most models simply can be undone just by unscrewing the blade from the base. You can check the owner’s manual for tips if you have it around. If you can accomplish this make, sure you remember how you did it so it will be easier to replace. After you get the blade out, rinse out any crumbs from the holes and scrub well. Put the blades and bottom rack back in the machine. Clean the top rack and metal runners on the bottom. Take a clean cloth, wipe the dirt from the inside of the door, and close the dishwasher. Lastly, if you have not already clean off all the buttons, vents, and exterior of the dish washing machine.

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