Cool Gifts For the Wine Enthusiast

Wine is not the only gift for the wine enthusiast. Why not pick up a favorite bottle of theirs and pair it with one of these neat gifts that every wine enthusiast will love to get. Each of the following gadgets either serves to inform, instruct or improve the wine tasting experience.

The Personal Wine Curator is new software that helps you keep track of your wine collection. This gift is great for the more serious collector with a large collection that actually needs to be catalogued. The software sends you alerts so you know when to uncork your bottles that way you do not open too early or to late. The software runs around $30.

The Cooper Cooler HC01-C Rapid Beverage Chiller $$80is probably one of my favorite party devices to have around. I hate picking a bottle of wine up for dinner and not having enough time to chill it before company comes. You can stick a bottle of wine in the chiller and it will be ready to serve in six minutes. The sleek design and stainless steel finish make this attractive enough to keep on the counter.

The Inspire Wine Opener $20 is a cordless device that makes pulling the cork off a bottle easy as possible. I like this especially because I am not always able to open the bottle myself and there is not always someone with more strength around to give me a hand.

The Concerto Wine Saver $20 is great for the solo wine enthusiast. If you want to uncork a bottle of wine but know that you cannot finish the entire thing yourself or in one sitting this device is perfect. It has a vacuum pump system that sucks the air out of the open bottle keeping it fresh for 2 weeks.

The BonJour Instant Read Wine Thermometer $30 lets you know the temperature of your bottle of wine using an infrared thermometer. This cool device runs on a battery and works without having to uncork the wine, even better it comes with a wine temperature guide so that you will know at exactly what temperature to keep every bottle.

For the person who is just beginning to become interested in wine Andrea’s Complete Wine Course for Everyone, a DVD running $20, is a great gift. A ten lesson and tasting series course you will pick up plenty of tips and be guided through the wonderful world that wine has to offer you. Even for the not so beginner this is good because it has so much information packed into it.

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