Make an Indoor Moss Garden

Moss is sometimes found growing in pots of outdoor plants, and moss can also found growing in shady moist areas beneath bushes and trees. Moss can make an ordinary potted plant extraordinary. Moss helps the soil retain valuable moisture, it keeps soil from eroding, and moss helps prevent the growth of weeds. Moss provides rich vibrant color, and it’s a beautiful addition to potted outdoor plants.

If you’d like to bring the outdoors in, consider growing a moss garden. You can create a miniature forest covered by a carpet of moss inside a shallow container of your choice. A moss garden is easy to care for, and you can have fun adding items such as small stones, sticks, tiny pinecones, and other natural woodland items. You can even add a small plant to add realism to your moss garden.

The following information will help you create a unique indoor moss garden. Your indoor moss garden will be one of the most talked about indoor arrangements in your home, and it will add natural beauty to any decor. Consider making a moss garden. You’ll enjoy creating a tiny woodland haven filled with natural components from your favorite forest habitat.

Containers for a Moss Garden

Choose a container for your moss garden that’s shallow and blends in with the theme. A shallow clay pot is perfect for a moss garden. Clay pots are available in a number of depths and sizes. You might also consider using a large clay drainage saucer instead of an actual pot.

Consider further embellishing a shallow clay pot with birch bark. It’s not necessary to peel birch bark from a local tree. It’s not good for the tree of course, and in some states it’s actually illegal. You can find sheets of birch bark for sale in craft stores. Simply cut a sheet of birch bark to the proper size with sharp craft scissors, and glue the bark to a clay pot with clear epoxy. Your moss garden will look natural and exceptionally impressive.

Components of a Moss Garden

Components of a moss garden can include any small natural items you find on the forest floor. Besides various types of moss, choose small attractive pebbles, stones, acorns, interesting pieces of dead bark, sticks, and other items provided by nature.

You might also consider planting something in the center of your moss garden such as a small fern, a small forest vine, a small pine sapling, or a houseplant of your choice. Keep the foliage trimmed so it doesn’t outgrow the container.

Assembling a Moss Garden

When putting together a moss garden, start by filling a shallow pot of your choice with rich organic soil. If you decide to incorporate a plant into your moss garden, place it in the center of the pot. A moss garden wouldn’t be a moss garden without live moss, so the next step is to press live moss onto the surface of the soil. Lastly, arrange the woodland treasures you’ve chosen around and top of the moss.

Caring for a Moss Garden

Care for your moss garden by spraying it with water immediately after planting, as well as on a daily basis. If you’ve added a live plant to your moss garden, water it as much as required. If for some reason you can’t spray your moss garden at least every other day, place it in a clear plastic bag, place it in a shady location, and loosely secure the top of the bag until you can water it on a regular basis. The plastic bag will help the moss retain valuable moisture.

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