Making the Perfect Punch for Any Party

A good punch is one of the essential key ingredients to any successful party. You’ll find the crowds gathering around the punch bowl as it quickly becomes the focal point for conversation and laughter, and that delicious concoction with help keep those tongues loosely flowing.

A popular and sensible choice for the host of any party, punch can easily be made in large quantities for a minimum of expense, thus saving money and time as well, as guests can serve themselves rather than appointing someone to mix and serve drinks.

There are innumerable recipes for all sorts of punches calling for any manner of ingredients, from fruits to liquor to spices and herbs, and more. The results can be fantastically flavorful, or hideously sour or bland. A traditional punch calls for a blend of fruit and citrus juices, usually with a generous helping of rum, though other liquors have been gaining favor in a variety of recipes. But with the bevy of flavored rums now available in almost any liquor store, with choices such as orange, banana, mango, coconut, and much more, it is easily the most practical and exciting choice, as the large selection lends itself to your imagination and inspiration to create bold mixtures of tongue-teasing refreshment.

Different seasons require different punches. In the colder months, you’ll find that a cider and rum based punch fits both the weather and the mood, warming your bodies and your thoughts. As the cold surrenders to spring and summer, then the fruity punches will also begin to bloom and flourish.

For celebrations, especially anything related to weddings, but also befitting of a New Years Eve celebration, a champagne based punch is both sophisticated and party-enhancing.

Once you’ve determined what punch is suitable for your party, you need only to purchase the required ingredients and prepare the right quantity, taking care you have enough space to refrigerate it if made ahead. Then, during the course of the party, you need only to check the punch bowl from time to time to see if it needs refilling.

To keep your punch cold in the bowl over a long period of time, try not to use ice cubes, as they will eventually melt, and the extra water will dilute the flavors of your punch. Instead, use a large black of ice in the center of the bowl. This will take considerably longer to melt, and guest will not need to fish around the bowl attempting to avoid stray ice cubes in order to get at the delicious punch. Another option is to place the punch bowl in a larger bowl of ice, keeping it cool from beneath. For the block of ice method, a good rule of thumb is a two-quart block of ice for every gallon of punch.

A helpful tip when serving punch requiring the added ingredient of any carbonated beverage; wait until just before serving time to add the beverage, so that its freshness will not have waned before your guests have arrived.

A considerable resource of punch ideas and recipes awaits you on the internet, but here is a refreshing and tasty tropical punch recipe to get you started.

Mix together one container each of orange juice and grapefruit juice, a half bottle of rum, and a quarter bottle of brandy. Chill and garnish with orange slices. Feel free to experiment with the quantities or add additional flavors to suit your palette.

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