Marketing My Bonus Points and Rewards

Marketing My Bonus Points & Rewards

Many companies now offer bonus or reward points for using specific credit cards or websites when shopping. These rewards can earn you a substantial savings or monetary value over the long haul. A lot of banks also utilize this system as a reward to customers for using their bank cards. This type of marketing concept is beneficial to both the consumer and the retailer. It allows consumers to be involved in the marketing process though allowing open marketing access from the retailer; and consumers earn rewards in the form of savings and points.

Referral Sales Marketing

Referral Sales Marketing allow retailers to promote their product or service to consumers whom have agreed to open access marketing and the opportunity for these consumers to refer the products and services to new customers. When sales are acquired the consumer referring the product to themselves or others will earn points, rewards or monetary fees and savings. This type of referral sales marketing allows the retailer to generate increased sales. The use of referral sales marketing transforms the process of spontaneous communication of sales to intentional communication of sales. When open access marketing consumers, purposely look for needed products or services that provide incentives, it changes the dynamics of marketing.

My Bonus Points

My Bonus Points is a website that offers opportunities to earn points for reading emails, performing surveys, making purchases and recruiting other consumers. Once you join you will complete a personal profile that will determine your interest and the types of emails they will send to you for viewing. Each email that you read and choose to visit the site, will earn you points. If you make a purchase you will earn points, and if the consumers you refer make a purchase you will earn points. You can redeem your points when you have enough to receive a minimum $10.00 gift card. My Bonus Points offer an assortment of gift cards, however the below is my personal list of free gift cards I redeemed for Christmas 2013.

Ã?· $25.00 P.F. Chang’s Gift Card

�· $25.00 Outback Steakhouse Gift Card

Ã?· $25.00 Applebee’s Gift Card

�· $25.00 Wal-Mart Gift Card

�· $25.00 Olive Garden Gift Card

After redeeming my bonus points I still had 2800 points left, which I will used next year for Christmas.

Gift Cards Available

There are many free gift cards

Amazon, AMC Theatres, American Red Cross, Apple iTunes, Banana Republic, Barnes & Nobles, Bath and Body, Bed & Breakfast, Chili, Costco, J.C. Penny’s, Group on, Shell, Safeway, Red Lobster, Target Cheesecake factory and even VisaâÂ?¦âÂ?¦there are many more to choose from.

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