Marketing Your Website with Auto Traffic Programs for More Hits

If you’re not getting any hits to your website consider auto traffic. Auto traffic is a simple way to have more hits to your website while you just allow a program to run in your browser. Sounds pretty easy right? Well it is. There are many auto traffic surf programs out there to choose from. Basically you run your surf bar while you do chores. You can start and stop the surfing at any time. You may be wondering how others are actually seeing your website if they are doing chores as well. The answer: They most likely aren’t.

When you run your auto surf program in your web browser, you earn credits. For example: Many programs offer 1-1. Meaning for every one credit/website you surf, you will automatically earn a credit back to your website. The more hits you get to your website the better your website ranking is in the search engine results. This can lead to more visitors when searching for something related to your website. The more you earn, the more hits you get and the more you move up on the search engine.

Now let’s talk about cash. You’re probably thinking ‘wooooohooooo!’ But hold on just for a moment. Don’t get your hopes up of making tons of money. The average person gets $0.0002 for showing their referral page or for surfing. Not very much. But if you surf a lot and join an auto surf program that allows you to get paid to click others member links, it could add up. Eventually that is. Some allow a low payout of only $0.50 while others have a minimum payout of $15.00+ Some may even have limits as to how much you can earn each day.

If you refer others to the auto traffic program you’re using you could earn 2-15+% of their earned credits. Or you could earn credit and $0.0002 for each time your referral page is shown. Many programs offer different ratios, cent earnings and more. Most must approve your website before allowing it to run on others autosurf. Some allow pop-ups while others don’t. Don’t be surprised if a pop up ad does something appear when you’ve selected not to view those type of websites. On some auto traffic programs they offer bonus credits that you can click on if you happen to catch them while you let the program run. Some have a warning of 3 which is a bummer if you’ve earned a close amount to be paid out and then you’re kicked out of the program and you don’t get paid. Don’t be surprised if you’re required to surf 100+ websites first to start your autosurf credits. The good news is after surfing so many websites, some may give you a bonus of 50 to 50,000 credits.

It’s a good idea to check for auto traffic scams that don’t pay out before joining and surfing for hours. Here’s a good website to check out auto surf programs:

To check if the auto surf program you want to sign up for has some bad word of mouth, enter the name of the program and the word scam into your favorite search engine. Some love auto traffic programs, others hate it. The choice is up to you. Good luck!

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