Best Small Business Software Packages

New small businesses and businesses that wish to grow are constantly in search of helpful, efficient software programs to meet various needs. In this age of technology, there are hundreds of options available that can help businesses work more easily and effectively. Software programs are designed to lessen the workload of staff members and to keep adequate records of various transactions, data, and information.

As the owner of a small business, I have continually changed to different software packages, looking for the ones that help me the most and are the easiest to use. The following software packages are designed for the user, not the programmer, and are guaranteed to cut back on your workload and to make the running of your small business much more efficient.

Communications Software

1. Advanced Call Center 5.7

For businesses that rely largely on the telephone, this is a great asset. It allows you to convert all phone calls into .WAV files, to verify callers by distinctive ring tones, to see who is calling using the Caller ID display, and to hear who is calling using advanced voice synthesis.
Cost: $39.95
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2. Call Corder 3.6.1

For a more advanced version of the above, the Call Corder records every phone call that you make and receive to your computer, allowing you to measure the quality and effectiveness of your incoming and outgoing phone calls. It creates call memos for every call so that all communication is documented, and annotates each call to be later forwarded into databases. It has automatic caller ID and Call Forwarding.
Cost: $49.95
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Database Management Software

1. AccountBuddy

We all know how much data that businesses receive every day, and how many different codes, logins, passwords, and account numbers we have to remember. AccountBuddy changes all of that. It stores your logins, passwords, credit card numbers, bank account numers, employee ID’s, and scores of other items in a security encrypted database. Information can be transferred between Mac computers and PC’s, and it organizes all of your date by category.
Cost: $16.99
Find It: Account Buddy

2. askSam

askSam combines the attributes of the AccountBuddy with powerful search engines and more space for data. It also provides complicated spreadsheet templates and data transfer modifications for faster and more efficient results. It was specifically designed for the average user, and has one of the most powerful search engines there are, with a wide variety of search options available.
Cost: 149.99
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Marketing Software

1. G-Lock E-Mail Processor

If you are constantly looking for ways to process undeliverable mail, and for a more organized compilation of group lists and mass e-mail quotients, then G-Lock is the way to go. It automatically processes undeliberable, bounced, and subscribe/unsubscribe e-mails while extracting pertinent data to be transferred into your database. It works with all Windows platforms, and maintains all of your active e-mail lists.
Cost: $99.00
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2. GroupMail 5

This can be used in combination with or instead of the above G-Lock software. GroupMail allows users to send highly formatted e-mail messages and text messages in virtually any language. It creates automatic follow-up messages to ensure constant contact with your customers, and allows you to cusomize correspondance with select e-mail or text groups.
Cost: $99.95
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3. Headline Creater Pro

When it comes to promotional materials and press kits, business owners often struggle with generating high quality headlines that will bring in more customers. Headline Creater Pro takes care of all of that by generating profit-pulling headlines in seventeen seconds or less.
Cost: $97.00
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Productivity Software

1. Diary Plus

Gone are the days when professionals required notebooks and activity planners stuffed with post-it notes and various correspondance. Diary Plus is a fully technological planning software program that allows you to manage your calendar, input addresses and phone numbers, schedule meetings, and emit notifications of events and deadlines.
Cost: $249.95
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It is the only software package in this category because it is just that all-inclusive!

Accounting Software

1. Budget21

You don’t have to have an accounting degree to manage your business’s finances! Budget21 allows you to take out the extra step of learning accounting, and fully automates the entire process. You can enter unlimited “what-if” scenarios, generate sales forecasts, plan expense budgets, emit financial projections, and quanitify sales prospects according to month, quarterly, or annual time frames.
Cost: $39.95
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