Mary J Blige, An Inspirational Breakthrough

Mary J Blige is back and hotter than ever. The Breakthrough is a combination of the old Mary sound with a new mix of an enlightened mature Mary sound. This album is truly an inspirational mix of personal experiences combined with her hip-hop soul roots. This album reminds listeners why she is referred to as the “Queen of Hip -Hop and Soul”.

Every track draws the listener in deeper and deeper into the album. You Feel Mary’s pain, as well as the moments when she celebrates her life, you feel as though you are apart of the whole breakthrough experience. Mary draws you in with the soulful ness of her voice. There is so much emotion in her voice when she sings “Be Without You,” as well as “Good Woman Down.”

The track “About You,” is delivered using a sample of the voice of Nina Simone, which makes the track even stronger. Another track that stands out on the album is “MJB da MVP”, here Mary gives you a breakdown of her career over the Games “Hate It Or Love It”, this song makes you want to head to the dance floor and celebrate your own personal accomplishments.

The Breakthrough is ranked as one of Mary strongest albums ever. Mary’s album is a soulful mix of pure hip-hop and soul. Mary’s album serves as a inspiration and a celebration of life.

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