Music Lyrics: Where to Find the Best Lyrics

Music lyrics sites are popping up everywhere these days. So finding the lyrics to a particular song shouldn’t be hard. Some sites only offer country music lyrics, then you have some that offer only rock, and you have some that offer a little bit of everything. But what sites offer the most unusual songs, old songs, or songs that aren’t that popular? What sites offers it all? Well I would like to share some of those sites with you.

Lyrics On Demand – This is one jammed up site. Lyrics on Demand offers lyrics for every type of genre. They have lyrics to songs that was made back in the fifties. Navigation on the site can be done easily. On the downside though, it takes a little time for the page to load. If you have patience, then you will really find the Lyrics on Demand site useful. On the homepage they show you the top ten artist lyrics, top ten artist songs, and the top one-hundred lyrics. The cool thing about Lyrics on Demand is the one hit wonder section, the soundtrack section, and the TV theme section. Most lyric sites don’t offer lyrics for the one hit wonders but Lyrics on Demand has a section dedicated to the one hit wonders. Overall this site is packed with lyrics.

A-Z Lyrics – This is also a jammed up site. They offer many lyrics from different genres. They have a section where you can request lyrics. If you can’t find the lyrics that you are looking for, simply request them and they will go out their way to get them for you. You can also add lyrics to their site. The homepage of A-Z Lyrics shows you what’s hot and what they have recently added. This site is also updated daily. Overall this is a nice music lyrics site.

Lyrics Search Engine – This site is not as big as Lyrics on Demand and A-Z Lyrics but it is fairly big. I like this site because it loads quickly. No waiting around on graphics to load, it’s just straight to the point. On the homepage they show you the hottest searched lyrics and the hottest artist searched. For some reason they don’t have all the lyrics under the categories but if you do a search, you will more than likely come up with the song. Overall this site is nice because it’s straight to the point, no fancy work here.

Lyrics Download – This is a nice, well organized site. The colors are easy on the eyes so that you’re not straining to read lyrics. You have the option of registering as a member or not. Registered members don’t have to put up with all the ads on the pages. Registration is free. Lyrics Download has over 500,000 lyrics and they add more everyday. You can view the top artist, the top lyrics, or browse by letter. Members can also add lyrics to Lyrics Download or correct lyrics if they see misspelled lyrics. Overall this site is really nice and user friendly.

Well those music lyrics sites are the best I have found. I truly enjoy them and hope you do too.

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