Weezer Rocks New York City

In their first NYC appearance in almost three years, Weezer delighted the masses in the first of two sellout shows (all tickets gone in 12 minutes!) at the legendary Roseland Ballroom.

Playing a tight 75 minute set, the geek-rock quartet performed note perfect renditions of all their hits and 5 selections from their new disc, Make Believe.

Though the album had only come out the day before, many of the new songs were already singalongs. With all the fans in front forming the classic “W” sign with their hands, “The Weez” opened with “Tired of Sex” from Pinkerton, the album Rolling Stone dishonored as the worst release of 1996 but many fans think is their greatest.

The classics continued with “In the Garage” and “No One Else”, two fuzz toned rockers from their debut. While most songs from alternative bands in the mid ’90s have long flamed out, these anthems have stood the test of time.

Lead Singer/Guitarist Rivers Cuomo, taking a break from his intermittent studies at Harvard, slowed down the pace with the apologetic “Pardon Me” from Make Believe before picking the tempo back up with their smash “Buddy Holly” and “Photograph” from 2001’s Green Album.

Cuomo, attired in a sport jacket, was typically detached from the passion of the crowd, offering few words in between numbers. His role as a frontman for a hard rocking outfit is the antithesis of his shy persona.

Bassist Scott Shriner contrasted Cuomo with his crowd pleasing “rock god” poses, frequently acknowledging the sweaty pit of youth up front. Drummer Pat Wilson was a force behind the skins and Rhythm Guitarist Brian Bell was steady as usual, occasionally shifting to keyboards and taking lead vocals for “Getchoo”.

The rest of the show alternated new and old tunes which included “Say It Ain’t So”, “Island in the Sun”, “My Name is Jonas” and the hard rocking “Hash Pipe”.

Among the other numbers from Make Believe was their new single “Beverly Hills”, which is already rising up the charts.

Sadly, there were no songs played from 2002’s superb Maladroit, their amped up collection that’s earned mixed reviews from hard core fans.

The band has been playing the same songs throughout their club trek after taking a vote. The group will re-vote for the next leg of their summer tour.

Weezer encored with their breakthrough song “Undone (The Sweater Song) and Pinkerton’s “The Good Life”, which had everyone dancing in the aisles. The show played out just like many of their three minute power pop ditties: short and sweet.

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