Maximum Strength Flexall 454 Pain Relieving Gel

Many people suffer from painful muscles and joints, and as a person who occasionally suffers from painful muscles, I know it isn’t always easy to find a good pain reliever. Pain relievers taken internally sometimes have undesirable side effects, and these side effects are sometimes worse than the muscle and joint pain. Unfortunately, topical pain relievers don’t always work as claimed.

The following review of Maximum Strength Flexall 454 Pain Relieving Gel provides valuable information on this topical medication formulated to treat painful muscles and joints. This review will help those looking for muscle and joint pain relief medicine, find out if Maximum Strength Flexall 454 Pain Relieving Gel is worth trying, and it will also provide information on the positive and negative aspects of this muscle and joint pain relief medication.

Product Description

Maximum Strength Flexall 454 Pain Relieving Gel comes in a 3-ounce flip-top plastic bottle. The bottle is white and has a blue label with white lettering. The words “Maximum Strength” are yellow, and they are highlighted by a red background.

This pain relieving gel contains 16% menthol, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, thyme oil, and a number of other ingredients in a specially formulated aloe-vera base. The combinations of these ingredients give this product the strength it needs to alleviate sore joints and muscles.

Product Claims

Maximum Strength Flexall 454 Pain Relieving Gel claims to work fast to relieve painful joints and muscles. The effects of this product are said to be long-lasting after they deeply penetrate the skin. This pain relief product also claims to be greaseless and easy to apply. If this topical medication truly works as well as it claims, many people with sore joints and muscles will be able to find fast relief.

Besides helping to relieve sore muscles and joints, this pain medication is also recommended for those suffering from minor arthritis pain, bursitis, simple backaches, muscle sprains, muscle strains, cramps, and bruises. This medication is said to temporarily but effectively relieve a number of painful conditions.

Directions for Use

Directions on the product indicate the user to apply a generous amount to sore areas. The gel should be massaged into the skin until it disappears.

The label warns product users against using a heating pad with this medication. It also warns against tight bandage application as well as the usual warnings against ingesting the product or getting it in the eyes. The gel shouldn’t be used longer than 10 days. If muscle and joint pain continues, it is recommended that users see a doctor.

Personal Experience

I have cervical spinal stenosis, and I have frequent muscle pains in my neck and shoulders. I bought Maximum Strength Flexall 454 Pain Relieving Gel not anticipating much relief. Much to my surprise, this medication did a wonderful job of relieving muscle pain in my neck and shoulders.

If you are suffering from muscle, joint pain, or any other pain caused by conditions described in this review, I recommend trying this medication. It is by far the most effective topical medication I’ve tried.

Negative Aspects of Maximum Strength Flexall 454

I would love to find a topical pain relief gel or cream that is as effective as Maximum Strength Flexall 454, but without the strong scent. The scent isn’t bad per say, but it’s not a scent I’d choose to wear. Although this medication doesn’t smell as strong or as discernible as other medications of this type, I’d prefer not to smell like peppermint, menthol, or eucalyptus. I suppose it’s not possible to include these ingredients in a medication without the odor.

Despite the odor of this topical medication, it’s still a good product. The benefits far outweigh the odor of the gel, so don’t let the fact that it has a strong scent stop you from trying this medication.

Where Can I Find Maximum Strength Flexall 454 Pain Relieving Gel?

Look for Flexall 454 Pain Relieving Gel in drugstores, discount stores, and grocery stores. You can also find Flexall 454 Pain Relieving Gel online. Consider shopping online for pain relieving products so you can easily compare prices and find the lowest possible prices for the products you seek.

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