Maytag 4.0 Performance Series Front Load Washer Review

It wasn’t that long in the spring of 2007 when Maytag and Samsung had to recall 270,000 front loading washers due to the washers being considered a fire hazard. Almost a year and a half later, and it appears as though Maytag is back on track. When you go into your local appliance store, Lowes, Home Depot, or other local merchant that has washers and dryers for sale, it can become a little frustrating to sort through the obfuscation of terms when trying to determine the best washer for you. This is especially true when looking at some of the advanced features found on the washing machines being produced today. My friend recently had to acquire a new washing machine when his old one did not survive a local move and asked for some assistance in picking one out. It had been over ten years since either of us had last purchased a washer, so needless to say I was a bit shocked on how much there is to today’s machines. By sheer accident, he decided to stick with a brand name we both knew, Maytag, and considered himself very fortunate for ending up with the 4.0 cu Ft Performance Series Front Loader. The following is a review grounded in his experience with the machine so far.

Maytag 4.0 Performance Series Front Loader Product Features

4.0 cu ft! For a front loader this is a great improvement over earlier models. Additionally the Maytag Performance Series Front Loading washer has the NSF certified sanitization cycles which means you are no longer at the whim of your water heater working, not working, running out of hot water, etc to guarantee your clothes are cleaned at a temperature that will kill all bacteria both in your clothes and in the machine itself! The Smooth Balance Suspension system that works like a shock absorber to reduce noise and vibration that along with the QuietSeries 300

Sound Package makes you wonder if the washer is really running!

The Performance Series Front Loader also comes with a MaxExtract Extended Spin cycle. If you are like me and haven’t bought a washer in a really long time, this was a new feature. After conducting some research, I found that it basically equates to an extended spin cycle. The idea being it is cheaper to remove more water from one’s clothes on the washing side so the dryer takes less time (and energy) to dry the clothes. The washer also comes with a clean washer cycle, an 8 hour delay start option, 10 overall cycles with three options four temperatures, and three soil levels. Just like my dad’s new car, there are several ‘intelligent’ features on this Maytag washing machine: 1 – IntelliTemp automatic temperature control, 2 – IntelliFill automatic water level sensor, and 3 – Sensor controlled suds detection.

My favorite two new features with my friend’s new washer are 1,000 Watt water heater and the estimated time remaining display(ETR). Just the ETR display in and of itself appears very addictive, let alone the fact that one doesn’t have to worry about potential water heater issues as much!


This washer comes with a standard 1 year parts and labor. You have the option to buy up to a three year warranty of varying levels above the standard manufacturer’s warranty.


$959.00 from . offers the same price but with an 8% discount on all purchases over $199.


The Maytag Performance Series front loading washing machine is one of the best purchases you could make if in the market for a new machine. I recommend you shop around both online and in person before deciding where you want to buy yours when its time!

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