Mayukori Buckwheat Pillow: First Person Review

As my back and neck have been aching, I researched buckwheat pillows to see if I could find an item that would be a solution to my problem. I gleamed in my reading that buckwheat pillows are good for people with aching necks because the pillows give additional support, which can reduce aching. Because I have had some allergies in the past, I’ve always insisted on having high quality materials in the pillows I use. As a potential solution to my problem I tried my Mayukori buckwheat pillow for a couple weeks to see whether the hype about buckwheat was true. Even though I was initially drawn to the softness and design of the pillow case, at the end of my review process I was very pleased with the function of the product as well as the quality and effectiveness.

Review of the Product

I sampled the organic alto pillow in dark blue, suri that has a retail value of $109, which includes $36 for the pillowcase. When the pillow arrived, I was impressed with the neat design of the cardboard box and protective plastic bag, which I plan to use to carry the pillow on road trips. Laying my head on the pillow, I was impressed with the softness of the pillowcase. Because I slept with the pillow, I was very impressed with several features, as the pillowcase is organic natural sateen, the inner pouch is organic natural cotton, and the filling has organic dusted buckwheat hulls. I felt that I was resting my face next to very high quality materials, and I was happy that my allergies didn’t act up with regular use of the product. When my daughter wanted to try the pillow, I was happy to let her, and I knew she was using a product that seemed very safe to me.

Buckwheat was a very supportive material for the pillow. Before adjusting the amount of buckwheat in the pillow, the product was a little stiff for me. Because I slept on my side, I used a large bowl and a scale to remove 600g of buckwheat. When I let my husband try the pillow out, I removed another 600g because he slept on his back. To readjust the pillow for me to use it again, I added the buckwheat that I had saved in the bowl.

I needed to get used to sleeping on buckwheat. I began by sleeping with it one night in the first week and two nights in the second week. On nights when I wasn’t sleeping with the pillow, I used the product on the couch when I watched television. The more I used the product, the more I noticed that it felt comfortable and helped relieved my back tension. While I got used to my new pillow over two weeks, I readjusted the amount of buckwheat as needed until the product felt right to me.

Another feature I found interesting was that I could heat and cool the product. Because the adult pillow was the size of a normal pillow for my bed, I had to come up with a good strategy for heating and cooling such a large item. My pillow came with a pamphlet explaining that I could put it in a freezer to cool it. Personally, my freezer didn’t have that much space. I waited until most of my family’s food was gone, and I cleared out a divider in the freezer to make room. When I used the pillow, it was pleasantly refreshing.

When I tried the pillow out, I put it in my oven to heat it. I was nervous about putting my nice looking pillow in the oven. I cleaned the oven first and I bought a new clean baking sheet with no food grime. Heating the pillow worked fine and made the product feel great on my neck! As a thank you to my readers, use the code THERESASREVIEWS for 10% off through December 15, 2013.

I received a free product to help inform my review.

The Contributor was given a gift or sample to inform this content.

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