McDonald’s Vintage T-Shirts: Where to Find These Popular Tees

McDonald’s recently licensed use of its old ad slogans and characters to be used on what is considered to be one of the hottest fashion accessories in most teens wardrobes – the vintage t-shirt. McDonald’s is hoping to have teenagers all around the country saying, “I’m loving it!” about their new McDonald’s vintage t-shirts.

They’ve also enlisted the help of a some major celebrities and popular fashion magazines to create a buzz around the new vintage t-shirts. The t-shirts have been spotted on many celebrities, including Jamie Lynn-Sigler and featured in popular magazines such as In Touch and Ellegirl.

The popular vintage t-shirts feature McDonald’s characters such as Ronald McDonald, The Hamburglar and Grimace along with retro ad slogans. Here’s a rundown of where you can find these popular vintage t-shirts:

Intuition, an LA store popular with celebrities, is one place where you can find these vintage t-shirts. Don’t live in LA? No problem, because they also sell them online at A quick look at their website shows that the price of the t-shirts has gone down to $28.99 (from the original price of $56.00).

The McDonald’s vintage t-shirts at Intuition are available with either the Choosey Cheese slogan, which comes in a soft yellow or the McDonald Cookies slogan, which comes in a cool red. There is also a black Big Mac Attack t-shirt that appears to be sold out. According to, each t-shirt arrives in a super cute happy meal box.

Lisa Kline , another popular LA boutique, also sells the McDonald’s vintage t-shirts. Her online store can be found at Lisa Kline also carries three designs of the vintage t-shirts. The white McDonald’s Good Morning t-shirt (currently sold out), a McDonald’s Mac Attack t-shirt in Americana Blue and a red McDonald Land Cookies t-shirt. All the McDonald’s vintage t-shirts at Lisa Kline sell for $52.

Need more options on where to shop? Totally T-shirts, a popular t-shirt blog, reports that the McDonalds’s vintage t-shirts have also been spotted for sale at Pac Sun and online at Then there’s always the old-standby, eBay. The selection will vary depending on the sellers, but it’s worth a look since most of the t-shirts sell for a fraction of what they would cost at a retail store. To see what’s available now, go online to and search for “McDonald’s vintage t-shirts”.

Happy Shopping!

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