Meet Jay Verburg from Syfy Channel’s Ghost Mine!

Jay Verburg, the “Greenhorn” miner from Syfy Channel’s Ghost Mine, talks about his experience working in a haunted gold mine. This normally cautious computer programmer jumped at the chance to learn about mining for gold. Turns out; he got a little bit more than he bargained for in the way of ghosts, intrigue, and being on one of the most spooky reality television shows today.

KB: Jay I know we have spoken a bit about this before but can you explain to your readers your beliefs in the paranormal before Ghost Mine and how it’s changed since?

JV: “I’m not what you would call religious, but I am spiritual. I believe that people are made up of energy and when they die, that energy simply changes. I never thought of spirits as frightening but maybe as something that tries to protect us or tell us something. Now I find myself with a lot more questions. I still believe in the energy part but I wonder if there is more behind a ghost’s actions.”

KB: What is it like being in the mine Jay?

JV: “Dark. There is also a lot of water and the sound of dripping echoes. At times light from our headgear bounces off the water and reflect on the walls. It can really startle you. The old timers like to talk about the tommyknockers a lot, so you sometimes find yourself over analyzing everything you hear.”

KB: Do you really think that there is a ghost in the mine?

JV: “I think there are multiple spirits in there, and maybe they are protecting some secret that is hidden inside.”

KB: Why are women considered bad luck at a gold mine?

JV: “Well, women are considered bad luck because it used to be that women only came to the mines to collect the bodies of the dead. I guess it just brings to mind how dangerous it really is.”

KB: How did your family feel about seeing ghosts at the hotel when they came to visit Sumpter?

JV: “While there was definitely a lot of fear at the time, nobody ever felt like they were a target. I think that now we are all even more intrigued by what has been happening. There are a lot of paranormal events happening all over Sumpter lately. There is a small ghost town that the crew drives through on our way to the mine and we have had unexplainable things happen there as well.”

KB: So what ever happened to the bones that were found in the mine during the first season? A lot of fans have been asking that question for awhile now.

JV: “Right now nobody knows what the mine owner did with them. I am hoping that we find out sometime during the second season.”

KB: How do you think the Masons tie into everything that has been happening?

JV: “Again, nobody knows. The Masons have definately got a strong tie to both the mine and the town of Sumpter. I’m still hoping that we get more answers when we return.”

KB: Jay, is there anything that you would like our readers to know about you personally?

JV: “I’ve always been fascinated by western history and I have been learning a lot more about it. It’s amazing to uncover pieces of the past and put them together. While the haunting is very intriguing, and I’d love to learn more on the scientific aspect; I love being in the mountains, mining, and all of my mining family.”

Jay, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me today, it was awesome getting to know you. We all wish you and the other miners a safe and profitable season two.

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