Meet the 5 Devices that Use More Energy at Home

At different times, we see our electricity meter turns without stopping and we wonder what is the best way to save energy and money? Sustainable energy is definitely an option to consider either a wind turbine or a panel system. However, what actions can be taken in the home to save the money?

Here are the five key points of consumption within the home and small steps to save energy:

1. Heating is one of the main points of household electricity consumption. To save a lot amount of energy, one has to insulate his house. For windows one can use double panel system on them which will make a lot of difference in energy wastage. To isolate the windows you can also use curtains or insulating coatings.

2. The water heater employs around 15% of the energy of the house. To reduce this, go to the hardware store and get a insulator. Make sure the thermostat is set at 115 degrees. Do not forget the pipes unheated spaces are guilty for the energy loss. Pipe insulation will reduce this loss.

3. Kitchen – a big source of energy consumption in a house. One way to save here is to cook different foods simultaneously. Try putting the 3-course dinner in the oven at the same time and watch the cooking time of each. The refrigerator is a great attraction. If feasible replace it with a new model which is efficient, otherwise you can do is to give proper service and tuning to the old one.

Keep refrigerator vents free of dust and allow some space between its back and the wall for air circulation. Keep the refrigerator at 38 degrees.

4. As you can guess we spend much of our electricity in lighting and the simplest way is to move to fluorescent bulbs because they save up to 80% in consumption and provide better quality of light. It is true that they are more expensive but in the long run it will be remain much cheaper.

5. The vampire electricity, are the one which use the devices when they are turned off but still connected to the socket. Some of the most common electronics in this list is computers, TVs, stereos and any other electronic equipment that is connected to the mains. Try to avoid this permanent connection to the socket, as it sucks a little amount of energy all the time. Simply try putting a few together in a power strip and turn off the power strip when not in use.

So these are the few devices and energy consumption areas, if cared about can save a lot of energy and money to you.

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