Meet the Barkers: New MTV Reality Series

Running Time 30 min
Currently Appears Wednesday 10:00 PM

Meet the Barkers featuring Travis Barker of Blink 182, his new wife Shanna Moakler, the former Miss USA, and their family. In this new series, MTV cameras follow Travis and Shanna who are living the rock n’ roll/Hollywood fantasy life together while simultaneously adjusting to parenthood — and all that comes with it. The 10-episode series premiered April ’05.

The new reality show captures Travis and Shanna’s marriage, from their star studded wedding on the eve of Halloween in 2004 to the trials and tribulations of moving into a new home together and raising two children.

Together, they share the parenting of Atiana, Shanna’s five year old daughter, and Landon, Travis and Shanna’s one year old son. Their lives are anything but mundane as Travis and Shanna go from Playboy parties and hangovers to Thanksgiving dinner and watching their son’s first steps.

The Barkers want to show kids that they can be rad parents and run companies and be successful. That you can be amazing parents and still have fun,” Of course, watching the Barkers go through such run-of-the-mill tasks as having breakfast and reading bedtime stories probably wouldn’t make for a very interesting show. The captivating twist, however, is watching “normal” people react to the “abnormal” family doing absolutely normal things.

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