Why Project Runway is a Success

How many people like to watch reality shows? Okay, how many people admit watching reality shows? I must confess that I do watch one reality show religiously every Wednesday night. I don’t go out on Wednesday night so that I can learn all about the fashion industry. Yep, the reality show that I watch every Wednesday night without fail is Project Runway.

In general, I don’t like reality shows at all. I refuse to watch reality shows that have B list celebrities and I will not watch reality shows where the contestants have to outlast bees or have to eat otherwise inedible things like cockroaches. However, Project Runway is a must see reality show because it is both educational and entertaining.

I love Project Runway because I know nothing about the industry. Before Project Runway, I loved to shop for clothes but I didn’t know anything about the inner working of the business of fashion. Now, I understand a bit about sewing, color combinations, and what people look for when deciding who to bring into the fashion industry. I have also learned that it takes more than just good sewing skills to make it in the fashion world. In addition, Project Runway paints a very clear picture of the backstabbing that goes on in the world of fashion.

Project Runway is a success because of the contestants and the judges on the show. All of the main judges on the show have been involved in the fashion industry for many years. Heidi Klum is a lingerie model for Victoria’s Secret. Michael Kors is a fashion designer who has his own line of clothes and accessories. Nina Garcia is the fashion editor of Elle magazine.

The contestants on Project Runway also make it a success. This is due to the fact that the designers on the show have different levels of experience with fashion. For example, in the first season of Project Runway, Jay, Austin, and Kara were three designers that had talent when it came to fashion design. On the other hand, Wendy seemed to get by because she used her scheming and backstabbing skills rather than relying on her talent.

I was also pleasantly surprised that Daniel V who has just graduated from fashion design school had a great sense of style for being so green in the world of fashion. He also holds the record for winning the most design challenges. In season two of Project Runway, Daniel V won the lingerie challenge, the Banana Republic challenge with Andre, the flower challenge, the inspiration challenge, and the evening gown challenge.

Tim Gunn who mentors the designers on Project Runway makes the show successful. Tim Gunn helps the designers to make the best outfits possible. He helps them reach their full potential as fashion designers. He offers advice and critiques that are constructive and sometimes critical. But, his comments are right on the mark. Tim Gunn also has a great sense of humor when the designers imitate him. However, I still don’t know what happened to Andre.

The interesting and creative design challenges make Project Runway a hit. Some of my favorite challenges include the grocery store challenge because I liked Austin’s corn husk dress. I liked the Barbie challenge because I collect Barbie dolls and other dolls. I liked the ice skating challenge because I like to watch ice skating. I also liked the dog challenge where the designers had to make an outfit for both their model and their dog because I have two dogs.

The drama on Project Runway is wonderful. The argument between Wendy and Kara Saun during Fashion Week was classic. The model swap between Nick and Zulema was great. Santino’s tirades at the judges were unbelievable. I also can’t wait to see who gets kicked off the show for breaking the rules has me at the edge of my seat. I have no idea how long Project Runway will be on the air but I do know that it has many ingredients that make it a success. Long live Project Runway!

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