Message to the Left, and the Right


J. Croft

I’ll start this essay by being up front: I grew up with a lot of conservative beliefs.

I grew up around guns and know how to use them-a skill that at one time every American was taught along with learning how to read and do math. I counted myself blessed born in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

I supported wholeheartedly the Cold War-because I saw Soviet communism as a threat to Freedom(and admit it, it was. Just ask anyone from Eastern Europe.) So I was for us having as many guns, tanks, ships, attack jets and nuclear weapons as American industry could turn out so we could defend ourselves.

I was for an aggressive foreign policy-no, I was for a REALLY aggressive foreign policyâÂ?¦ as in spreading Freedom and the tenants of the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence as the Communists were pumping Marxist-Leninism. No wonder then, that I supported the war in Afghanistan against the Soviets, that THIS is how we could turn the tide of world socialism-armed populist resistance. I thought that overwrought show of force in Grenada wasn’t enough; that we should’ve gone straight into Nicaragua and Cuba and cleaned the commies out of “our” hemisphere. I played a lot of computer war games; guiding stealth fighters and tanks and ships to blast all of America’s enemies, as if taking on their military would automatically free those people such a war would murderâÂ?¦

I had faith: in Ronald Reagan, in Pat Robertson, the GOP, Jerry Falwell, TBN, Morton Downey Jr., Ralph Reed. I knew, as a kid, as intuitive that unconditional welfare handouts and gun control and abortion on demand were immoral and anti-American. Not respecting of Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, that encouraged just giving up and living off the government dole; excuses for more taxes, more poverty�

Those that hold “conservative views”, yes we do love God, Guns and Country, but
at the same time, there are attitudes you in the “left” have that I always agreed with:

The Earth is our Home-we don’t have garbage and wastes strewn all over our houses(well, most people) yet we usually permit toxins and the products of the socially engineered consumer culture to be disposed of wherever it’s most profitableâÂ?¦ to the benefit of just a few that own and control the corporations. That quality made products made to last years-like Americans made once upon a time-is a far wiser use of valuable materials, energy and labor than shoddy, imported, slave labor-made crap that all too soon winds up in the trash.

I’m down with the concept of labor-us, working at wage slave jobs-uniting, organizing and being strong in the face of greedy, far-too-rich old men trying to squeeze us for every dollar they can. That the common man can and should unite to get a slice of that corporate pie, if the economic conditions make it impossible for everyone to have a self-employing skill or trade.

Being an artist myself, I believe in the right to self-expression. I believe in the unfettered Right to media access to express myself. I believe in the unfettered free market of ideals-free of interference by either smug religiousity or some falsely pious political correctness.

I don’t care much for the callous greed a lot of people programmed with “right wing” beliefs has-like the whole world revolves around them and their lifestyle, and to hell with anyone and everyone that gets in the way of their next debt-fueled shopping spree. That their broken moral compass is the one true measure for all things, peoples and beliefs-when they run around and cheat on their spouses, take drugs, steal, gamble. Those self-proclaimed “godly” are gluttons, wouldn’t dream of sharing their wealth to help the poorest, are unloving, uncaring, and root for the “prophecied” genocide of the Human Race and Earth’s destruction known as the Apocalypse-so they can have that go-to-heaven-free card known as the ‘Rapture”. Something I regret believing in most of all, because it’s at the root of a lot of dysfunction amongst those that call themselves christian-dogmatic irresponsibility and passiveness to the evil that rules this world.

Furthermore, as I educated myself about the reality of modern America, I found a lot of what I supported and believed in as a onetime “right-winger” were misguided:

*People can be born into a underclass whose location and socioeconomic status exclude all but the most brilliant and driven from succeeding-and that’s before being buried by taxation and regulations. While at the same time traitorous politicians, CEO’s and Directors on corporate boards conspiring to lift foreign tariffs the slave-labor goods and the never ending expansion of government authority and taxation “force” those three piece suited traitors to lobby for “free trade agreements”-keeping as much of “their” money in their pockets as possible. Thus the underclass expands, forcing more people to either join the military, work at wal-mart, go on welfare that robs relatively better off Americans through taxes, sell drugs or just say the hell with it and take ’em themselves in a futile attempt to ease their pain.

*No matter how grisly and evil dismembering a Person in their Mother’s womb is, I cannot abide by the callous disregard for how bringing a child into this world can wreck someone’s life in this country. Much of the social stigma’s gone, but a single mother, or someone in America’s underclass is still faced with being forced to live hand-to-mouth to take care of their kid, in a ever-worsening economy, their “fathers” socially programmed through a variety of means we trust to be irresponsible, to have some “baby mamas”.

*Those “conservative” politicians on TV, wearing those guilty shiteating grins making nice yet useless noises with their mouths? They’re almost all for lining their pockets and expanding government. Gun control, abortion, taxes, welfare, crime-it’s all but props they and the same breed of shiteating grin wearing politicians that call themselves “liberal” use in their ongoing political pro wrestling show.

At that, I must remind you that the “left” has nothing to brag about either. You in the left turn respect for the enviroment into excuses for government to tax and steal the People’s lands from them. You let politicians and other whores exploit your activism to oppress us, keep us from truly owning the land we work our entire lives for. Your misguided social conscience is exploited by those in government that hold the homes of the People hostage to foreclosure for delinquent land taxes. Taxes to fund the horrible state run schools that make each graduating class dumber and more pliable to government control than the last.

Your natural and understandable horror at all the violence caused by government and corporate policies aimed at creating social and racial inequalities-that when coupled with dumbed down state schooling-leads to criminalsâÂ?¦ you don’t attack the sources of the crimes, you try to get the government to steal the People’s Rights to arms to protect themselves and their communities. Yes: you too have the right to protect yourself from a criminal, no matter how he’s been victimized. You think I lie, go ask any of your friends that lived through hurricane Katrina.

In fact, you in the “left” take this anti-violence sensitivity to such a suicidal extreme some of you are willing to compromise our Nation’s defenses. Yes, the military-industrial complex is a monster; but that doesn’t validate your unilateral disarmament drives when the Soviets had(and still have)hordes of tanks, planes and nuclear weapons aimed at us. Any peaceniks care to say something about communist China building up a military to take on the rest of the planet? Any of you willing to expend some protest time against North Korea? Sure-take this country to task for it’s sins, but there are no innocents when it comes to the governments of this sorry world.

Pacifism only works if everyone practices it. Being weak in this world just makes you prey; if there’s anything I can still agree with the “right” about, it’s that.

Yes, I had faith in “my” ideology just as you have faith in “yours”. Time marches on however. You gain life experience and sooner or later if you haven’t completely given your thinking over to those you listen to, who manipulate you, you start seeing what’s wrong with what you previously held as inerrent truth. That some attitudes, some people are wrong. Some of those attitudes, those people are lies, liars-a con to get your money, your vote, your approval of whatever crime they tried to pull. Yet I and most people keep believing the main tenants of their prepackaged ideology to be worshipped and followed without question.

And yetâÂ?¦ there DOES come a time, a place, a event, a book that opens your eyes, that takes your world view and torches it like a pyromaniac with a gallon of gas. Probably hasn’t happened to you but it happened to me, in 1991, with a book: Compromised: Bush, Clinton and the CIA, written by Terry Reed. A late night radio host by the name of ChuckâÂ?¦ someone, I forget his last name, he had on Terry ReedâÂ?¦ And the tale he toldâÂ?¦of cocaine shipments by large cargo planes into MenaâÂ?¦ with Clinton, Bush senior, Oliver North, and a cast of spies and other criminalsâÂ?¦ well, the way that man told the tale had the heft of Truth to it, in spite of it’s seeming unbelievability!

I bought the bookâÂ?¦ and I read it all nightâÂ?¦ and began the process of liberating my thinking from the “left/right” paradigm that’s helped put the thinking of most Americans in a ideological straightjacket, a hegelian dialectic that has two seemingly opposing forces on some throwaway social issues yet are united in using those “left/right” causes to advance government power and control over the People.

Terry Reed? Never heard of him? Not surprised; the media pulled out all the stops in suppressing the whole affair-making a “limited hangout”(1) of the Whitewater scandal-a side show meant to launder drug money basically, not the main event. And your “hero” William Jefferson Clinton became President.

You hated Reagan like I hated Clinton-in reality they were about the same:

They both radically expanded the power and size of government.

They both engaged in useless, reckless overseas adventures: Grenada, Somalia, Kosovo, Sudan.

They both did their damage to this nation’s laws and people. Reagan broke the unions with the air trafficker strike, and made it easy for corporations to export themselves overseas, accelerating the economic decline of our nation. Clinton gave the green light to Waco-where women and children were deliberately poison gassed and burnt alive. Clinton signed NAFTA and GATT into law, further accelerating the looting of our manufacturing base.

They both made a show of being “reformers” yet “somehow” wound up bolstering the very system that’s oppressing us. They both paid lip service to the causes we believe in-then either distract us til we forget that they’ve done nothing of substance, or worse, use those causes to bring more power onto themselves, steal more of our hard-earned money.

They both have “partners” far more evil than they. Hillary Clinton and the Bush family.

The Bushes are worse, of course, much worse than Reagan or Clinton. A family of blue-blooded bandits and fascists responsible for financing Hitler, supplying Nazi Germany with oil through Spain when our Grandfathers were getting murdered by the Wehrmacht. Filling the economically and socially engineered inner city “ghettos” with cocaine they smuggled in through the C.I.A. Rigging two Presidential elections with fraudulent, easily hacked electronic voting machines manufactured by a corporation owned by a close political friend. Open our borders to a invasion of illegal, ignorant Mexican rednecks and encourage them to scoff at the law to create a economically based race war. Having close business and social ties with the Bin Ladin family-INCLUDING OSAMA BIN LADIN-and running interference for them years before the shadow government black op known as 9/11.

And Hillary? She’s a partner with Bill in the Mena drug smuggling operation with Oliver North and the Bushes. She helped engineer a media orchestrated comeback after Gennifer Flowers revealed she was his mistress(at a time when the Donna Rice scandal brought down Gary Hart-remember those “quaint” times?) Hillary designed that monstrous health care plan-remember the schematic that looked like the plans for the Death Star? Would’ve been a “death star” to the economy and our lives if she had been slicker about it. She went to New York and like a yankee carpetbagger after the Civil War got herself a Senate seat. Now she waits for her time, waiting for George W. Bush to fall, for America to fall so she can go in like a vulture, ride in as a “hero” to supposedly save us all from those nasty right wingers. I tell you; if Bush doesn’t spark a second civil war, she will!

“Left”, “right”-IT’S ALL A SHOW! A political pro wrestling act that keeps us TV tranced, state schooled dumb down ‘murkans bamboozled as everything we and our ancestors believed in, fought for, died for is robbed from us. What or who will save us from the Bushes and all their bandit friends-and Hillary if the script calls for Bush’s fall to discredit American patriotism and christianity? Is there someone in the political arena-virtuous enough, yet with enough clout, enough wealth, enough pull with the media and the CEO’s and Directors on the boards of the handfull of megacorporations to make him or herself a viable candidate? Get “elected” President and lead like-minded Patriots to sweep into Congress and clean up the federal government?

No. You and I are going to have to do it. You see what kinds of thieves and clowns parade themselves in front of the cameras-and I write about the career politicians we’ve surrendered control of OUR NATION to. Can’t rely on compromised, greedy criminals to develop a backbone and do battle. We’ll have to; have to start up an entire political movement, come up with a pro-Freedom ideology that will awaken the mind controlled masses. We’ll have to forge a political movement, a economic austerity movement to a American People long spoiled with foreign manufactured junk they’ve mortgaged their lives on.

The timing is critical. It’s spring, 2006, the elections are in November, and despite America literally falling apart around us, most people that can still pay their bills are still asleep. Those that have been rudely awakened to reality find their time is spent trying to survive with what little they can keep.

The momentum is against us; by the time America wakes up to how they’ve been systematically robbed by a single band of thieves that dangle a political system that’s already scripted out, they will be mostly destitute. Destitute people lack the money to buy airtime-assuming the mainstream media would let them have access. Destitute people are too busy finding shelter, food, staying out of the way of thug cops who get their sick jollies off persecuting them. Dirty, desperate destitute people that reek of sleeping in garbage strewn alleyways have no respect in today’s sorry excuse for America; they couldn’t survive in a increasingly hostile social and economic climate, hence they’re garbage. And we treat them as such.

We cannot afford the American People to wake up when their homes and Freedoms are taken away! They, and you have to wake up and make the hard choices NOW!

I’m trying to do something with my essays at maybe they’ll inspire someone someday. What about you? What are you willing to do to take back your destiny? What would you sacrifice to be Free?

What amount of time zoning out in front of the TV are you willing to sacrifice to find out what’s really going on, and fighting against it however you can?

How many shopping sprees are you willing to sacrifice to have the money to get out of debt to have cash for a week or two off your job to participate in political action? Investigating crooked politicians? Protesting? Making flyers, videos? Going to town meetings?

How much ostracism, how much sudden intolerance from your more mind conditioned, shallow, petty excuses for “friends” are you willing to sacrifice game days and backyard barbecues in order to help in the struggle to regain Freedom?

How open are you to examining your most cherished beliefs-do they pass the reality test? Are you willing to consider Truth from a ideological opponent if that Truth will help secure your Freedom and your Life? Dogmatism is the intellectual crutch of the weak and cowards.

How far are you willing to go to be Free? Our forefathers who fought for independence from the British Empire, who signed the Declaration of Independence, they gave all. Men who had lands, ships, businesses, beloved wives and children-they turned cannon on their own homes when the British occupied them, sacrificed all their ships in smuggling arms to our shores, kept on fighting themselves even as their wives were raped and tortured in British gallows, endured the loss of everything they built up on this Earth. They were willing to sacrifice all they had in this world, because securing their Freedom, their Nation’s Freedom took that kind of sacrifice. It’s no different today.

Rather forget you read this, turn on your master the TV set and tune out all your fears, let that electronic narcotic lie to you all night long? Well, it’s a free country I suppose, but consider this:

We have but a short time on this Earth, an even shorter time when we have our health and our ability to not just accomplish something for ourselves, but leave our world a better place for those that follow us. That we as a People have forgotten this Truth-drunk with beer, fretting over perceived status, submitting to those that systematically rob, murder and tyrannize us and soothing our guilt for being so cowardly with debt-fueled consumer spending-will only mean we have robbed our Children. It will be up to them and their progeny who will have to bear the load of making up for lost time, lost progress of Human Civilization� after cleaning up the mess we will leave them.

So what will you do to make it up for your irresponsibility? What will you do to make up for participating in robbing your Children?


1)They’re not really your enemy, so stop treating them as such. We’re all in this together; taxed, ruled over, our labors channeled so that only the government and a few major corporate stock owners benefit-unless you really expect to stay thirty years and get that 14k gold plated watch! So stop cursing out everyone who doesn’t drive a hybrid, or doesn’t eat vegan, or doesn’t march in lockstep with Noam Chomsky or Amy Goodman. In fact, lose your manipulative, lying gatekeepers and rediscover how to think for yourself. Talk with a construction worker or a gun owner at a bar sometime about the issues that bother you bothâÂ?¦ you’ll discover you’re really on the same page on the issues that matter.

2)There ARE causes “right wingers” support that you can get behind, that promote Freedom, respect for others. Find common cause, get together on the big issues, show them how to organize a good protest movement-only without the gatekeepers that lead all of you astray. Example: the recent Latino protests in Los Angeles and other American cities was organized and led at the ground level by Communists. Yes, you read right, Communists. Ted Twietmeyer has actual photos of a Communist activist organizing angry yet naÃ?¯ve youth to protest(look for it at Common folks just like me wanting to be able to live their lives, and they’ve been manipulated and molded by globalist caused poverty into being their tools to destroy America. Our America, the one that we once believed this nation was, the America that this nation could really be if we uniteâÂ?¦ we can’t unite if we LET OURSELVES be divided along racial lines, or some bullshit left/right paradigm.

3)Be respectful of others when you protest. That cop or white collar worker you don’t spit on or repel due to some hippie aesthetic funk might listen to what you might say-unless you start off by wanting to raise taxesâÂ?¦ everybody’s paying too much of those! If you want to honestly gain the support of “right wingers” be someone they can identify with, someone whose opinion they’ll respect: wear a suit when you protest. Save your venom for the bureaucrats, the corrupt lawyer/politicians, the way too rich CEO’s and members of the Board of Directors of the major corporations.


1)Get over their lifestyle choices-you got bigger things to worry about, like losing your wage job because your boss wanting to shift production to countries that allow their citizens to be exploited for a dime a day. America is a diverse stew of peoples and cultures but there’s a core of Freedom and respect for others that all can share. They do too, so why not protest against economic and political traitors instead? Find the common denominators we can all agree on, most of the social hangups can be sorted out later.

2)When they protest something you can agree with them on, join them. Mix with them, and if you know the ones manipulating the protest for some shady socialist reason disrupt their game. Talk to the average folks, get to know them, get them to see you as people, not the stereotypes we’re all programmed with.

3)Invite a “liberal” over to talk, socially. A barbecue or a game like that. More ways to get them to see you as people, to weaken their ideological programming. When you speak, don’t get defensive; instead find the common groundâÂ?¦ you’ve got beliefs that are wrong too

If you go to you’ll note a lot of similarities with my other essays. I do this on purpose because I search for the right alchemy of words and thought that will wake people up or inspire someone to do a better job of waking America up than I.

(1)LIMITED HANGOUT-damage control technique used when a scandal’s grown beyond the criminal’s lesser means of containing it; have a prearranged patsy and a small piece of the conspiracy to be bullshitted as the main event. Works like a charm in these simpleminded United States.

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