Shari’a Courts in Canada: Seeing Kabul in Ontario

Yes, that’s right Shari’a courts in Canada . Our friends in the north have been so immersed in making Canada heaven in earth for multiculturism that they have forgotten everything about human rights, women’s rights and equal representation. That is precisely the reason why this absurd idea was on verge of being accepted by the government of Ontario.

Here is the story behind this. In Canada the Jews and the Catholics have the right to use religious laws to resolve family dispute, if both he parties agree to it. So one Muslim man had an idea, he wanted the same for his community, he wanted

Shari’a law for Muslims in Ontario. He started a sustained campaign to make this happen.

While there is nothing wrong with giving equal rights to Muslims as other religious groups, Shari’a law has some provisions which is not compatible with the modern society. For example, Shari’a advocates cutting off limbs of someone who steals, it says that women who commit adultery should be stoned to death. Can we accept that? Can people of Canada watch a woman being stoned to death in streets in Ontario?

Thankfully the feminists in mounted a massive campaign top stop thus absurdity from happening. But this is not the end. Shari’a courts in could be a reality if nothing is done to stop the religious zealots.

One major force behind the campaign to stop Shari’a courts in Canada is Homa Arjomand. She is an activist who escaped repression in Iran to find freedom in her adopted homeland . When she heard the law of Shari’a she left behind is trying to come into Canada , she organized the movement to stop it from happening.

The international attention this issue gathered is a proof that like Homa there are thousands of people around the world who do not agree on having Shari’a Courts in Canada . Iranian Feminist Tribune issued a letter of support for women struggling against the establishment of Shari’a courts. In that letter they talk about the situation of women in Iran who are suffering under

Shari’a law and says that Muslim women in Canada may face the same situation if

Shari’a court is established in the country.

In Montreal around 100 people gathered on Thursday, 8 August to protest against establishing Shari’a court in Canada. Protestors gathered in Ottawa, DÃ?¼sseldorf, and more protests are planned in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Stockholm
and D�¼sseldorf.

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