Mexican Restaurants in Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, MA is a long, long way from the border states of Mexico. If you’re located in this cerebral city outside the city of Boston, and you’re experiencing a hankering for the cuisine of Mexico, you may distress that you’re going to have a long wait before you satiate that craving. But, don’t fear, your next quesadilla is not as far away as you think. There are plenty of Mexican restaurants in Cambridge, MA, with varying styles and degrees of authenticity.

Hands down, in this humble writer’s opinion, the best Mexican Restaurant in Cambridge, MA is the Border CafÃ?©, located on Church Street, in Harvard Square. Technically a Mexican Cajun cuisine hybrid, the Border does justice to both with style and flavor. The chicken burros is superb, and you definitely don’t want to miss an order of what is, perhaps, the least mutilated guacamole recipe north of Texas. For a special treat, order the quesadilla with avocado. Delicious.

If in your quest for a Mexican Restaurant in Cambridge, MA you’re looking for the “real thing” in Cambridge, I highly recommend either the Forest CafÃ?© on Massachusetts Avenue, or OlÃ?© Mexican Grill in Inman Square. Both offer down home, authentic Mexican cuisine with incredible variety and taste, and the sangria at the OlÃ?© grill is exquisite.

Are you in a hurry and need a quick fix? The taqueria is once again gaining in popularity in the US, and Cambridge, MA is no exception. My recommendation is Anna’s Taqueria on Somerville Avenue, right in the center of Porter Square. Their steak tacos can put any craving you might be experiencing safely to bed, and the line moves quickly and efficiently. Also notable for a Mexican quick fix in Cambridge, MA is Boca Grande, with two Cambridge locations on Massachusetts Avenue and 1st Street. For a take out order, you can be in and out in less than ten minutes with a relatively inexpensive and thoroughly filling meal in tow. And, finally, Filepe’s Taqueria is located right in the heart of Harvard Square in the Garage Mall complex. They offer a tacos el pastor that should not be missed for the money!

But, there is no reason for you to take my word for it. What follows is an exhaustive guide to the Mexican restaurants in the city of Cambridge, MA. With a little dedication and some stomach filling investigation, you will discover for yourself where the little gems of Mexican cuisine are hidden in the city of Cambridge, MA. It’s a dirty job…

Mexican Restaurants in Cambridge

Anna’s Taqueria
822 Somerville Ave
Cambridge, MA
Phone: (617) 661-8500

Boca Grande
1728 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA
Phone: (617) 354-7400

Boca Grande
149 1st St
Cambridge, MA
Phone: (617) 354-5550

Border Caf�©
32 Church Street
Cambridge, MA
Phone: (617) 864-6100

Casa Mexico
75 Winthrop Street
Cambridge, MA
Phone: (617) 491-4552

Felipe’s Taqueria
83 Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA
(617) 354-9944

Forest Caf�©
1682 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA
Phone: (617) 661-7810

Jose’s Mexican Restaurant
131 Sherman St
Cambridge, MA
Phone: (617) 354-0335

Ole’ Mexican Grille
11 Springfield St
Cambridge, MA
Phone: (617) 492-4495

Picante Mexican Grill
735 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA
Phone: (617) 576-6394

Sonora Mexican Grill
319 Western Ave
Cambridge, MA
Phone: (617) 576-6672

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