The Best Italian Ices on Long Island

Scattered across Long Island, there exists a place where sensuous dreams of fantastic flavor and cool refreshment do in fact come true. A place where, for a few paltry dollars, you can spend several minutes of rapturous enjoyment huddled over a small cup of a delectable frozen treat, clutching a plastic spoon eagerly.

I am talking about Ralph’s Italian Ices, and the chain store is poised to open once again this spring, promising a wealth of mind-boggling flavor ideas that will have you beaming and licking your lips as you scan the extensive menu.

With numerous locations on the Island, chances are there is one not too far from you, and you may already be familiar with the tantalizing frozen delight. I can bet the anticipation is already brewing as you remember your favorite flavor from last summer. But if you’ve yet to experience the wonder of Ralph’s, let me enlighten you.

The setup is simple. Dozens of containers filled with mouth-watering ices waiting to be served to a line full of anxiously waiting patrons. Choose from either water ices or sherbet, and even a small selection of low-carb ices. Nearly the entire flavor spectrum is covered. Impossible to describe them all, you’ll find yourself struggling to choose between Mango, Key Lime, Orange n’ Cream, Coconut Raspberry Tart, and Strawberry Daiquiri. You’ll find yourself swooning over Chocolate Mousse, Bubblegum, Honeydew, and Blueberry. You’ll definitely want to share that Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Spumoni, and Canoli.

A simple cup of ices not enticing enough for you? How about one of Ralph’s specialty ice cappuccinos, or a blended fruit smoothie? And there are more delicious liquid creations to be had.

A perfect treat for a hot summer day, refreshing after a nice walk or a good barbecue. But be warned, after one visit, your kids may be begging you to go back for more each and every day. However, after one taste, you may find yourself leading the way!

Still not convinced? Well, if you are the old-fashioned sort who thinks summer is all about ice-cream, then not to worry. Ralph’s also has a generous selection of your favorite flavors, sundaes, and milkshakes.

Coupons are numerous in your local papers, and gift certificates are also available.

And if you’ve got the space in your freezer, just wait until the end of the season when Ralph’s sells off its stock at a discount. Then you can continue to enjoy your favorites all year long.

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