How to Eat a Whole Lobster

Seafood dishes are some of the greatest that anyone can enjoy to kill of a hunger like no other and eating a whole lobster is just a dream for many. Lobsters are exotic and unique creatures of the sea and their taste is indescribable by words alone. Only those who have gotten the chance to feast on a whole lobster themselves can truly describe how refreshing and replenishing such a meal can be.

For those who are trying to eat a whole lobster for the first time, it may seem like a daunting task to do because it is not the usual boneless chicken or beef steak dish you are going to eat, but a whole creature of the sea with a shell as hard as a rock.

Things Required:

Lobster (size depends on what you can get)
– Bib
– Lobster fork
– Lobster cracker


  • 1

    Remove the Legs

    To begin eating a whole lobster, start by twisting and pulling off the legs. You can begin sucking out the meat from the legs first, or set them aside for later and keep that white meat when you really want to taste something unique and delicious.

  • 2

    Crack the Claws

    With lobster meat, a lot of it is situation in and around the claws. In order to get that succulent meat out of the hard claws, crack them open with a lobster cracker or hammer and take them out with your fingers. This is why a bib is also necessary because eating a whole lobster is not always so clean and simple.

  • 3

    The Best Part

    Hold the lobster’s body with one hand and slowly remove the tail with the other. A whole lot of meat will come out this way and for many lobster enthusiasts, this is definitely the best part of the whole lobster. Take your time and savour the flavour in every bite.

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    The Body

    Now it is time to eat the body of the lobster which will be full of soft, white and delicious meat. Take your time identifying each bite and you can even ‘debone’ the lobster before going ahead with eating it. The head is left by most people, but some say it tastes good as well. Depending on what you want to eat, you can keep and throw out the remaining if unused. Lobster eggs can also be eaten, but some people skip on them and the green tomalley found in a lobster, which are its basic digestive organs.

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