Sushi Making Classes in New York City

Sushi is a piqued item of interest at the moment, both on the table and as a topic of conversation. Whether the simplicity of a spicy tuna roll is what your taste buds crave, or if the creative fusion of traditional Japanese sushi and other culinary treats is what excites your palette, the attraction of sushi in all its forms cannot be denied.

If you’ve ever sat at a sushi bar, you were probably amazed how quickly and easily the sushi chefs put together various sushi rolls from a diverse palette of ingredients. Yet though it seemed relatively simple to the eye, the skill and technique of the sushi chefs is evident.

With a little training and a few classes in the art of sushi making, you too can prepare your own sushi at home, for your own family or for company. Imagine the surprise, the appreciation, and the delight of your guests when you present them with a tray of freshly made sushi.

The New School is a cooking school in New York City that teaches a variety of classes focusing on the fundamentals and aspects of Japanese cuisine, including advanced classes in sushi making.

The New School also offers introductory classes in sushi for the novice, where students will learn about all the ingredients involved in various sushi rolls, from the simple sticky rice to the vast array of raw fish. Students will learn how to mix the variety of ingredients to create delicious displays of sushi, and then subsequently learn the proper etiquette for eating their marvelous dishes.

A class on vegetarian sushi is also available, where students learn that not all sushi comes in a roll, but also in a scattered form and omelet form. Taught by experts in the field, students will leave with a wealth of newfound knowledge and culinary technique, capable of dazzling feats of culinary splendor, and a bevy of mouth-watering sushi recipes. The New School also features sushi classes for kids. Be sure to visit their website at
SushiSamba is a New York City restaurant hotspot – a casual dining experience with world-class fusion of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisines, and probably the best tasting and most expansive list of sake in the city.

SushiSamba is offering two-hour classes at its restaurant, where students will learn about all aspects of sushi. You will know where to find fresh ingredients, how to utilize the ingredients and make sushi, and as an added feature, how to pair your sushi with the appropriate sake, the Japanese rice wine. These sushi classes are an ideal way to introduce yourself to the art and technique of making sushi. It is also an excellent gift idea.

For expert experience with a home-cooked feel, you might want to learn how to make sushi at Soy, a cozy cafe in New York City’s lower east side. Although Soy does not actually serve sushi at its restaurant, they do teach a sushi class, where students can learn the basic fundamentals of sushi making in order to adequately prepare their own at home. You can find out more about Soy at

For the ultimate sushi fanatic, the Institute of Culinary Education offers a diverse selection of Japanese cooking classes, where you can choose to learn all aspects of Japanese cuisine or just focus on sushi techniques under the advanced tutelage of a master sushi chef.

Taste, technique, and presentation are all-important factors in these sushi classes, where everything from the basic art of cooking sushi rice to the advanced creations of various forms of sushi will be suitably covered. For extensive class descriptions and registration information, please visit them at

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