Mexican Shopping Unlike Any Other

Progreso, Tamaulipas Mexico borders with Progreso Texas and is one of our favorite and most unique attractions in the Rio Grande Valley. They are characterized for having their main street dedicated to tourists and this street includes a wide variety of shopping, casual and fine dining. Progreso is between McAllen and Harlingen, Texas, which are two larger cities that can be identified much quicker. Progreso has restaurants that offer exquisite foods, mostly traditional Mexican foods although they also include many other varieties in their menus. Many of these restaurants are small yet maintain an excellent environment to attract tourists and keep clientele. Their prices are absolutely excellent and for their quality of food almost impossible to beat.

Progreso also has many stands where they serve alcoholic mixed drinks and beer. A person can actually purchase a drink on the side of the street and take it with them as they walk on the strip and shop. The bartenders there are generous in their servings and grateful for your visit. If there is anything you want added or taken out, they will be delighted to please you and want to make sure you will be happy to return. Progreso people encourage and promote their shops. Which brings me to the next great attraction of Progreso, they have shops that sell anything from winter blankets to pottery to statuary. The variety the offer is incredibly extensive. They offer different sizes, shapes, and colors for everything you can imagine. They also have an extensive variety in candies, both sweet and sour. The most traditional Mexican candy can be found here and one can eat their candies with no regrets whatsoever; they are simply that delicious.

Another great attraction in their shops is their custom made jewelry. The jewelry will be made on the spot according your request. This can include the specific color or colors you want as well as the shape. No request is too difficult that it will be turned down. Vendors are always eager to please and will go to great lengths to keep you happy. And of course since you are visiting Mexico, we can not leave out their extensive selection in piÃ?±atas. Any character you can think of, if they don’t have it they can surely make it. Again, as with their foods, the prices for these items are very hard to beat. So if you are interest in a walk down old traditions with a Spanish sensation that is totally relaxing, Progreso is amongst one of the best. People from all over travel great distances to visit this city that unlike any other offers convenience, fun, entertainment, and a great variety of recreation all in one street. If you are ever in this area take advantage of this great place and you will see what a fantastic experience this will be.

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