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This is a small firm that is compromised of highly qualified, experienced professionals. They offer a full range of accounting, tax and small business consulting services. They offer assistance in English and Spanish and free consultations.
Contact Person: Milton Perez
Contact Information:
13205 SW 137th Ave. Ste 203
Miami, FL 33186
Phone: 305-256-0820
Web Site:

David Rosenbloom & Tolley, P.L.L.C.
This is a full service company that offers services in: audit, financial statemtnt, consulting, individual tax, business tax, bookkeeping, estate planning, not for profit, and payroll. They offer free consultation and they have requested that their clients ask them about details on special discount offers.
Contact Person: Bill Davis
Contact Information:
9200 S. Dadeland Blvd., Suite 412
Miami, FL 33156
Phone: 305-670-1001
Web Site:

Donna-Marie Johnson CPA, PA
This firm provides services in: audit, financial statement, consulting, personal financial planning, individual tax, business tax, bookkeeping, estate planning, not for profit, and payroll. This accountant offers services in English and Spanish and free consolations.
Contact Person: Donna-Marie Johnson
Contact Information:
147 Alhambra Cir. Suite 100
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone: 305-441-8066
Web Site:

Allied Financial Solutions
This firm offers a full range of financial solutions to businesses and individual. They offer their clients an initial one-hour consultation. They offer services in financial statement, consulting, personal financial planning, individual tax, business tax, bookkeeping, estate planning, not for profit, and payroll. They are bilingual in English and Spanish for their clients.
Contact Person: Daniel Martinez
Contact Information:
85 Grand Canal Dr. Suite 306
Miami, FL 33144-2569
Phone: 305-677-2088
Web Site:

Patron Accounting Services
This company specializes in full accounting, tax consultation, tax planning, and financial statements for corporate and individuals. They offer services for their clients in English and Spanish. They also offer their first time clients with a free consultation.
Contact Person: Richard A. Patron B.B.A.
Contact Information:
2631 SW 147 AVE.
Miami, FL 33185
Phone: 305-2264765
Web Site:

Alex A. Khoja, CPA, PA
Alex Khoja is an experienced CPA and University Professor that offers one on one attention to his clients. He offers services in financial statement, consulting, personal financial planning, individual tax, business tax, bookkeeping, estate planning, not for profit, and pay roll. He offers his clients assistance in English, Hindi, and Spanish, a free consultation, and a 15% discount.
Contact Person: Alex Khoja
Contact Information:
13500 SW 88th St., Suite 285-C
Miami, FL 33186
Phone: 305-388-7880
Web Site:

Balwant S. Cheema, CPA
This firm offers services including: audit, financial statement, consulting, personal financial planning, individual tax, business tax, bookkeeping, estate planning, not for profit and payroll in either English or Spanish.
Contact Person: Balwant Cheema
Contact Information:
8301 NW 197th St.
Miami, FL 33167
Phone: 305-829-2252
Web Site:

Priority Tax and Accounting Services
This firm offers personalized attention to their clients. They specialize in financial statement, consulting, individual tax, business tax, bookkeeping, and payroll. They offer free consultations and a $25.00 discount towards any initial service.
Contact Person: Bruce Geddes
Contact Information:
16300 NE 19 AVE
Miami, FL 33162
Phone: 305-921-9251
Web Site:

The Inner Circle
This is a small company that provides services in Business and Individual Tax preparation, accounting and payroll services, commercial and residential real estate and mortgages. They offer services in English and or Spanish, free consultations, and a 10% discount off of regular prices in all services.
Contact Person: Carlos Blanco
Contact Information:
1705 SW 83rd St.
Miami, FL 33155-1156
Phone: 305-262-1128
Web Site:

Romeu Acconting and Tax Services. South Florida Accountants
This company offers professional accounting, tax, and business consulting services to small Florida businesses. They have 11 years experience and public with a Big 5 firm and in private sector. They offer clients free consultations.
Contact Information:
1520 Euclid Ave., 10
Miami, FL 33139
Phone: 305-672-0150
Fax: 786-276-8010
Web Site:

Mojer, Tony D. CPA (Tony D. Monjer & Co. Accountants)
Contact Information:
10250 SW 56th St., Ste. D202
Miami, FL 33165-7098
Phone: 305-271-0345

Pando, Israel (Pando Accountants)
Contact Information:
4315 NW 7th St. Ste 40
Miami, FL 33126-3561
Phone: 305-648-3733

Chayim Kessler, CPA, PA
This accountant specializes in tax preparation of federal, state, and local tax returns. He offers strategic tax planning to offer maximum tax savings and reduction of income tax. He also offers IRS and State audit representation, tax research, interpretation analysis, international tax planning, estate gifting and trust tax planning, assistance in business transactions of sale acquisition, mergers, reorganization, and liquidations.
Contact Information:
150 W. 168th St., Suite 217
N. Miami Beach, FL 33169
Phone: 1-866-867-3610 or 305-652-4422
Web Site:

Nazaire & Co. INC
This company offers sercices for individuals, small, midsize businesses, and corporations.
Contact Information:
4601 Sheridan St.
Hollywood, FL 33201
Phone: 954-239-4100
Web Site:

Ribotsky Levine & Co.
This is one of the most highly respected firms in Florida. This company was formed 25 years ago and is named as one of Florida’s top accounting firms. They offer full services to provide IT consulting, financial planning, litigation support, international tax and more. This firm has a multi-lingual professional staff.
Contact Information:
901 NE 125th St.
N. Miami, FL 33161
Phone: 305-895-0202
Web Site:

Berman Swichkow Farbish Adler &Aldecoa PA
This firm has professional accountants, auditiors, business and tax consultants. They offer services in tax compliance, tax planning and forecasiting, tax research, representation at examinations conducted by IRS and State tax authorities, and advisement on new tax development.
Contact Information:
1320 S. Dixie Hwy
Coral Gabels, FL
Phone: 305-665-5303

Margie Frederick Income Tax Services
This accountant provides individual services, business services, incorporation and formation services, and community services to her clients.
Contact Information:
4250 E. 4th Ave.
Hialeah, FL 33013
Phone: 305-822-4231

141 St. Tax Express
Contact Information:
734 NW 141st. St.
Miami, FL 33168
Phone: 305-681-0039

Abercrombi Accounting, INC.
Contact Information:
16115 SW. 117th Ave
Miami, FL 33177
Phone: 305-253-8713

Computer Tax & Accounting Services, INC
Contact Information:
1900 SW. 57th Ave.
Miami, FL 33155
Phone: 305-269-0255

Accounting Taxes Plus
Contact Information:
7570 NW 14th St.
Miami, FL 33126
Phone: 305-406-3800

Freeman Dawson & Rosenbaum PA
This company is a full service accounting firm. This firm is apart of the American and Florida Institutes of Certified Public Accountants. They provide services in: individual, business and fiduciary tax return preparations. The offer representation during federal and state tax examinations. They also offer services in counseling, bankruptcy, personal financial planning, financial statements, accounting and bookkeeping plus more.
Contact Information:
2675 S. Bayshore Dr.
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
Phone: 305-443-1500
Web Site:

Jackson Hewitt Tax Services
This firm is 2nd largest tax preparation service in the United States. They have over 5,400 locations nationwide. They provide full service to their customers.
Contact Information:
Toll Free 1-800-234-1040 to find locations nearest you
Web Site:

Mallah Ferman & Co. PA
Accountant in Miami
Contact Information:
1001 S. Bayshore Dr.
Miami, FL
Phone: 305-371-6200

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