The Best Online Web Sites for Stamp Collectors

Stamp collecting is easier now that everything you need, from supplies to information, can be found at dozens of online web sites. Whether you need supplies, are looking to buy or trade stamps, or merely want to read more about stamp collecting, there’s a website for you.

The American Philatelic Society is a great place for beginners. Located at the site features a stamp store, listings of stamp dealers, stamp education, along with shows and exhibits. You must pay dues to belong to this society but they offer a great deal for the serious stamp collector.

At there are many resources for stamp collectors. Links to places that buy, sell and trade as well as home pages of individuals that collect are some of the features here.

Stamp clubs, stamp dealers, collector news and stamp articles are all found at If you know a lot about stamps, and are willing to share what you know, the site owner will publish your articles at the site with links to your site.

Need to know more about certain stamps? Want to find out what a particular stamp is worth? Go to

For kids who are interested in stamp collecting you can’t beat the website with advice and more from National Young Philatelic’s Society.

Kids can learn more about stamps plus get some free stamps at:

For kids, teachers, and families which has a family-oriented attitude.

Another kid site for learning and getting started:

Nothing but philatelic resources at Joseph Luft’s Philatelic Page:

At you’ll find a complete list of countries that issue stamps, coverage of unique stamps and themes, biographies of people stamps, as well as many articles concerning stamps and collecting. Search the stamp database or visit the stamp exchange section.

Visit to find rare stamps, philatelic covers and postmarks for sale. The site features much info on postal history.

Read about the first stamps ever issued:

Have questions about stamps or collecting? Ask an expert at

Some great sites to find stamps, catalogs and supplies: , ,

Find good auction deals on stamps and supplies at

If you’re a beginner, interested in learning about storage and other issues, visit for tips, techniques and more.

Here’s another fantastic site for beginners:

A great site for tips on albums and storage is located at:

Learn more about mounting and re-mounting stamps:

The best internet magazine and news source for stamp collectors:

United States Postal Service online:

Sixteen hundred stamp dealers, stamp related web sites, and stamp classified ads:

This place has over 100,000 images of some of the world’s coolest stamps ever:

Learn how to make your own stamp collecting albums plus get links to other stamping sites:

Online stamp catalogue produced by one of the world’s most famous stamp dealers, Stanley Gibbons:

Supplies, information, and over 100 other stamp-related topics:

Meet other stamp collectors and have discussions, trade stamps, or just chat about stamps:

To find stamp collecting events in your area:

How-to articles, photo library, estate administration resources and many more stamp collecting resources:

Books on stamp collecting: or

Interested in purchasing rare stamps for your collection? Go to

There are thousands of web sites online concerning stamp collecting, storage, purchasing and other stamp topics. Find specific stamp info by listing keywords like “president stamps”, “black history stamps”, “invention stamps” and similar queries.

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