Migo Cell Phone from Verizon Wireless

If you want your kids to have the safety and convenience of a cell phone, but you’re afraid they’ll drive your cell phone bill sky-high, the Migo offered by Verizon Wireless is the answer. Migo, from Verizon Wireless, is a cell phone designed especially for kids, and the Migo cell phone from Verizon Wireless is the perfect way to keep your kids safe and connected.

Features of the Migo

The Migo cell phone by Verizon Wireless is kid-friendly, and it enables parents to choose up to four preprogrammed numbers. This fantastic feature prevents kids from dialing unapproved numbers, but all incoming calls can still be received.

Besides the ability to dial four preprogrammed numbers, the Migo phone has a dedicated emergency button. Don’t worry that your kid might accidentally dial 911. A confirmation message appears on the screen after the emergency button is pressed. The emergency button must be pressed and held in for three seconds, and the green “yes” button must also be pressed in order to confirm the call.

The Migo cell phone by Verizon Wireless also has a speaker option, caller ID, and a headset jack. It also has ten ringer options as well as a vibration option. The volume is adjustable, and the ringer options are very appealing to kids. The ringers are upbeat, and they sound like they were designed with kids in mind.

When there are incoming or outgoing calls, the LCD screen of the Migo phone has a brilliant glowing blue display which enables kids to see the date, time, mode, signal strength, and caller ID display. The keys and the LCD screen also glow when the “No” key is pressed.

Included Accessories

The Migo cell phone by Verizon Wireless comes with complete instructions for parents as well as an easy-to-understand instruction booklet especially for kids. It also includes at no extra cost, a charger cable, three colorful wristlets, three backpack clips, a postcard, and really cool stickers so kids can decorate and personalize their cell phone.

Personal Experience With Verizon Wireless Migo

I recently purchased Migo for my eleven-year-old son. I preprogrammed his Migo with my cell phone number, his dad’s number, and his two brothers’ cell phone numbers. Since all of the numbers I programmed are Verizon Wireless numbers, my son won’t be able to make calls that could take away our available cell phone minutes.

I chose not to give my son his cell phone number in an effort to prevent unapproved calls from coming in. I’m afraid if his friends had his phone number it would end up costing a small fortune. Incoming calls that aren’t from Verizon Wireless numbers use up available minutes.

Migo, from Verizon Wireless, is perfect for my eleven-year-old son, and I personally recommend the Migo cell phone for anyone with kids between the ages of six and twelve. This cell phone is easy to use, the bright green color is exceptionally appealing to kids, and it’s the perfect way to monitor and control cell phone usage. Consider the Migo for your kids. This cell phone offered by Verizon Wireless is perfect for anyone wanting to provide kids with the safety and convenience of a cell phone while keeping usage under control.

For more information on the Migo phone, contact your local Verizon Wireless authorized dealer, or visit the Verizon Wireless website.

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